The foreigner discerns 88 kinds of methods of the Chinese

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1.You Look Like You Are 18. You are like ability 18 years old it seems that (Oriental looks generally young, ah)

2.You Like To Eat Chicken Feet. You like to have gallinaceous foot

3.You Suck On Fish Heads And Fish Fins. The meeting when you have a fish sucks piscine head and piscine fim (they are direct cut away)

4.You Have A Chinese Knick-knack Hanging On Your Rear View Mirror. China of condole of the meeting on your car rearview mirror is furnished (do not have occasionally, old father does not let, saying to look is a Chinese, common, depressed)

5.You Sing Karaoke. You call KTV(Chinese quarter ability some plaything)

6.Your House Is Covered With Tile. What your house spreads is ceramic tile (the foreigner is board)

7.Your Kitchen Is Covered By A Sticky Film Of Grease. Your kitchen is covering a thick oil (the cause that loves to fry a thing)

8.Your Stove Is Covered With Aluminum Foil. There is aluminum foil above your furnace

9.You Leave The Plastic Covers On Your Remote Control. Wrapping outside your remote controller plastic (discovery has Chinese talented person only really such)

10.You"ve Never Kissed Your Mom Or Dad. You never had kissed your parents (Chinese who such ah)

11.You"ve Never Hugged Your Mom Or Dad. Had you never held your parents in the arms (calculate when nursery school do not calculate? Had you never held your parents in the arms (calculate when nursery school do not calculate??

12.Your Unassisted Vision Is Worse Than 20/500. Your visual imagination does not know what meaning under 20/500()

13.You Wear Contacts, to Avoid Wearing Your "coke Bottle Glasses" . Glasses of form of your Dai Yin, how do such ability avoid to wear "(of your " bottom glasses say so that the Chinese is like myopic? Wear glasses with respect to not very occasionally, myopic also nevertheless two 300, ah)

14.You"ve Worn Glasses Since You Were In Fifth Grade. You 5 grade begin to wear glasses. (The Chinese is the good child of love study. . . How to concern with glasses again? How to concern with glasses again??

15.Your Hair Sticks Up When You Wake Up. You wake up jian hou mian sends meeting vertical stroke.

16.You"ll Haggle Over Something That Is Not Negotiable. You can argue for a few things that cannot oppugn. (Willfully make a trouble? ? ? ??

17.You Love To Use Coupons. You like to use certificate of convert into money. (Economize ~~ )

18.You Drive Around Looking For The Cheapest Petrol. You are not ceasing for the cheapest gasoline expenses the car searchs everywhere. (Favour, my pa such)

19.You Drive Around For Hours Looking For The Best Parking Space. You are opening a car to wrap up a circle to find best parking space. (Look the foreigner is not quite exquisite really this. (Look the foreigner is not quite exquisite really this..

20.You Take Showers At Night. You bathe in the evening. (A lot of American are to be washed in the morning, do not know why)
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