Marriage is what appearance

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I Think That We Should All Have Two Lives. One To Live To Make Mistakes And Then One To Come Back And Do It Again. You Know So You Don ' T Make Mistakes. I Mean Because Parents Will Not Tell You Things - Nobody Ever Tells You. Parents Don ' T Want To Sit Down And Really 1)garb And Say: Well Now This Is What This Is About And This Is Why We Are Doing This And This - No It ' S A Big Secret!

When I Got Married I Said To My Father, "I ' M Going To Get Married, can You Help Me? " He Said No. I Went To My Mother, I Said " I ' M Going To Get Married, ma, tell Me Something About It. " She Said, "Oh, that ' S Wonderful. Your Father And I Have Never Argued, and He ' S Just Been Wonderful All Through Life. " Which Is A Lie! Lie! I Heard Him In There, and, "I ' Ll Now Tell You Another Thing I ' Ll Take Your Arm And 2)rip It Off And Rararara. . . ..

And Now In My Marriage, my Wife And I Love Each Other But I Will Tell You 3)in A Minute We ' Ve Had Some Arguments! I Mean I ' Ve Never 4)punched Her And She ' S Never Punched Me But We ' Ve Had Some Arguments, I ' Ve Called Her Some Names That I Was Proud I Even Thought Of. And My Wife Has 5)run Some Of On Me That I ' Ve Written Down, yeah, but Nobody Will Tell You That. The Only Person Who Ever Made An Attempt Was A Priest. Think About That. A Priest! Said, "I ' Ll Tell You About It, " I Beg Your Pardon.

Marriage, you Can ' T Beat It. The First Day We Got Married, both Of Us Scared And Everything, there We Got Married And We Went To Our Hotel Room For Our Honeymoon And Just Stared At Each Other - Just Sat There On The Edge Of The Bed With Our Clothes On Looking At Each Other. Then Finally We Got In The Car And Went To The 6)drive-in And Then We Knew What To Do.

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