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In English " dead " view

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"Dead " is call the turn of square language of Chinese and Western most a word of avoid 諉 , have a lot of euphemistic views consequently.

1.He Passed Away.

2.His Time Has Come.

3.He Expired.

4.He Has Climbed The Golden Staircase.

5.His Number Is Up.

6.His Sands Have Run Out.

7.He Has Gone To See Mark.

8.His Star Has Set.

9.He Has Joined The Majority.

10.He Is Sleeping The Final Sleep.

11.He Is Resting In Peace.

12.He Has Met His End.

13.He Has Breathed His Last.

14.He Answered The Last Number.

15.He Bought The Farm.

16.He Has Bitten The Dust.

17.He Was Called To God.

18.He Was Called Home.

19.He Has Joined The Angles.

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