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Commonly used idiom is translated

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1. a pail of water shakes not noisy, noise of half pails of water jingles

Somebody becomes according to literal interpret: The Full Pot Of Water Makes No Sound; The Half-empty Pot Of Water Is Noisy. After the foreigner listens, perhaps can feel bemused. They have their view: A Little Knowledge (Or Learning) Can Be (Or Is) Dangerous. (sciolistic very danger)

2. thes whole thing comes to light

Somebody is according to word metaphrase: As The Water Level Sinks, the Stones Are Exposed. Such saying, be afraid the foreigner still is understood not. Their view is: All Secrets May Eventually Come To Light. (all 祕 are met always finally closely exposure. )
Also can say: Eventually, every Secret Will Be Disclosed.

3. this hill hopes that hill is tall

Interpret becomes somebody: The Apples On The Other Side Of The Wall Are The Sweetest. (means: Wall the apple there is the sweetest) of course, if want interpret to become: If You Stand On A Mountain, you Feel The Distant Mountain Seems Higher Than Yours. The foreigner also can be accepted constrainedly. And their most habitual view is: The Grass Always Looks Greener On The Other Side. (the grass of across, looking total is some greener. )

True gold of 4. blaze refine, adversity sees the real situation

Interpret becomes somebody: Fire Is The Test Of Gold; Adversity Is The Test Of Friendship. This translation, although very good, the foreigner also can understand, but they still have another views: Liquor Brings Out A Person's True Color. (the trait that firewater can show a person is right)
Perhaps say: Wine Reveals A Person's True Heart. Although foreigner need not " blaze refine true gold " analogy, but have " time reveals a person's heart " view: By A Long Road, we Know A Horse's Strength; At Times Of Difficulty, we Discover A Friend's True Character.

5. thunder is big, raindrop is small

Interpret is somebody: The Thunder Roars Loudly, but Little Rain Falls. Perhaps say: All We Hear Is Thunder, but No Rain Falls. Although such metaphrase compare easy understanding, but the foreigner's view is such: Actions Speak Louder Than Words. (the action excels the way one speaks or what he says)
Or All We Hear Is Words, but There Is No Action. (change mouth not lift a hand only)
Or Actions And Words Should Go Hand In Hand. (words and deeds must agree)
Additional, still have there still is such view in English: An Empty Barrel Makes Biggest Sound. (empty word says too much. )

6. person cannot appearance photograph, seawater cannot fight a quantity

Interpret is somebody: A Man Can Not Be Known By His Look, nor Can The Ocean Be Measured By A Dipper.
Such interpret law is metaphrase only, if can be revised slightly, the foreigner can understand: A Man Can Not Be Judged By His Appearance, nor Can The Water In The Sea Be Measured By A Bucket. Nevertheless, foreigner normally the view is such: We Can Not Judge A Person By Appearance Only. Or You Can Not Judge A Book By Its Cover. (means: The stand or fall of a book depends on its content, is not its cover binding and layout is beautiful. )

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