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"Carry a torch " what often love is budding period, even somebody thinks " carry a torch " calculate at all must not love, because that is after all,one does not have resultful " the flower in the month in lens, water " . But affection arrives in, "Carry a torch " person often do not have complain without regret, it is arrowy annals even not change. In English, in English,, Carry a torch" usable phrase "Carry The Torch" will convey.

With respect to literal meaning character, "Carry The Torch " those who point to is " hold high torch " . "Torch " (torch) naturally implies " unripe be born not to cease " , "Carry The Torch " also representing from this "Fight bravely after all for some target or ideal (although do not have redound)" .

About " Carry The Torch " (carry a torch, suffering is loved) origin, the view is differ. A kind of more popular notion thinks, angus Venus(Venus) often be depicted hand hold torch (Carry The Torch) , from this, this phrase is accepted by people gradually, in order to is compared " although love dies, affection is crazy however. " in addition, by Venus " torch " , phrase "Torch Songs" often be pointed to for you "Torch song" , and the singer that sings this kind of song is considered as "Torch Singers" (sing onlyThe singer of torch song) .

Be worth what carry is, "Carry The Torch " besides express " carry a torch " , usable still in order to describe " course of study of be related of persistent Yu Mou or ideal " .

Look below two illustrative sentence:

Mike Is Known For Carrying The Torch For Animal Welfare. (Because persistence is famed at animal welfare,wheat is overcome. (Because persistence is famed at animal welfare,wheat is overcome..

He Is Still Carrying The Torch For His Old Sweetheart. (He still is loving old lover painstakingly. (He still is loving old lover painstakingly..

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