Oral interpretation: The speech of Wang Yi deputy minister of foreign affairs in

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[translation] I Wish To Congratulate South Africa On Assuming The Presidency Of The Security Council For This Month, and I Am Glad, mr. President That You Are Personally Chairing Today's Meeting. This Open Debate Offers Us An Opportunity To Discuss The United Nations' Cooperation With Regional Organizations, particularly The African Union. This Is Of Great Importance To Upholding International Peace And Security. I Wish To Applaud South Africa For Taking This Initiative.

[criticize an aspect]

1.Master Congratulate Sb. On Sth. / Doing Sth. This one structure.

2.Master Assume (To Start To Have Control, responsibility Etc Or To Start In A Particular Position Or Job) meaning and usage.

3. " very glad to see... " need not die interpret is Be Glad To See That... , interpret is Be Glad That... sufficient.

4.Master verbal Chair (To Be The Chairperson Of A Meeting Or Committee) meaning and usage.

5.Master Be Of Great Importance To... this one important structure.

6. " safeguard " outside dividing usable Uphold, still can use Safeguard, Champion, Maintain and Vindicate Zhu Ci.

7. " right... state height is admiring " choose Applaud (Formal To Express Strong Approval Of An Idea, plan Etc) one word interpret goes out, appropriate concise, this is " get dizzy with success " beautiful interpret. Master Applaud Sb. For Sth. / Doing Sth. This one structure.

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