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Chinese with " change " terminal word is very much. This kind of word often represents a kind of change. There also is similar statement in English, its ending feature is - Ize. So, a lot of Chinese words can be translated into corresponding with - the English word of Ize ending.

Modern Modernize

Revolutionize Revolutionize

Socialization Socialize

Systematization Systemize

Mainland changes Localize

Nevertheless, I discover Chinese is medium with " change " terminal word is more than English, because the compose word of Chinese is agile,that is, almost any word can add on one " change " and make this kind of term. For instance:


Multimedia is changed

Science is changed


China is changed



At this moment, very bad when translate to do, because there is relevant statement in English (with - the word of Ize ending) . We whether give according to the rule of compose word build? Saying normally also is possible. Nevertheless, to the foreign language, be like us to still do not have this qualification, because that is the family's language after all ah! Language call the turn of the family produces new term ceaselessly, family interior creates that naturally, us dare these outsider make the family's term how? So, to such circumstance, I often feel very awkward, it is sometimes 100 think of do not get its to solve, translating the thing that come out also can be loath and patchy only, oneself feel dissatisfactory, do not have method again.

For instance, "Informatization " this new term is new not at all to our Chinese, everybody knows, everybody is used. But, I turned over English dictionary, did not find a corresponding English word! Say normally, "Information " it is Information, so, informatization should be Informationize, and its noun form can be Informationization. But, the someone did not say so at all, do not have this concept at all probably! Can we give informal creation?

Sometimes, I used this English word from personal coin boldly. Of course, the foreigner can understand. Nevertheless, always feel to not be free from anxiety in the heart. When use computer proofreads draft, this Informationize or Informationization always are delimited go up red line (wrong spelling ah! ) .

So, how to avoid? How of a can pliable Chinese " informatization " is meaning expression clear and Where is the word that in using English, does not have? Another solves method to use a phrase namely. Understand according to me, "Informatization " do all things to adopt information measure namely, with message medium (especially computer technology) will handle all work. So, I thought up such phrase: Information-oriented Development or Information-oriented Revolution or Information-oriented Management (the meaning is " develop for what direct with information, it is oriented revolution with information, it is oriented management with information " ) . Or: IT-oriented Development, IT-oriented Revolution, IT-oriented Management.
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