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Helen: Welcome To Real English From BBC Learning English. I’m Helen.
Liu Jia: The welcome listens to the pure English of BBC BBC, I am Liu Jia.
Helen: Today We’re Going To Look At Words And Phrases That Have Recently Become Part Of The English Language.

Liu Jia: Pure English takes everybody to learn the new vocabulary of contemporary English together, with popular habitual expression.

Helen: It’s Very Important To Stay Up-to-date With English As New Words And Expressions Enter The Language All The Time.

Liu Jia: Right, helen, will quickly tell us today's new term is … ?

Helen: Today’s Word Is ‘hotline’–H.O.T.L.I.N.E. Hotline.

Liu Jia: Hotline. What meaning is this word?

Helen: Well, a Hotline Is A Direct, quick Telephone Line That Gives You Access To Help Or Information.

Liu Jia: Oh, understood, a Hotline is fast the direct seeding phone that goes to the lavatory again, provide a few pertinent information and help.

Helen: Yes. For Example, when There Is A Disaster, like A Plane Crash, there Is Usually A Telephone Number To Call For Information. This Is A Hotline.


A: I’m Worried About My Brother In The USA. There Have Been Enormous Storms Where He Lives.

B: Call This Number. It’s A 24-hour Hotline And They Should Be Able To Help You.

Helen: Have You Ever Called A Hotline?

Liu Jia: No, have You?

Helen: Yes. When I Was In Edinburgh Recently There Was A Problem At The Airport And Many Planes Were Cancelled.

Liu Jia: So What Did You Do?

Helen: I Had To Call A Hotline To Find Out If My Flight Was Cancelled.

Liu Jia: And Was It?

Helen: Yes, unfortunately. I Called The Hotline The Next Day, and Luckily It Was Back On.

Liu Jia: That’s Not Too Bad; At Least You Got Back Safely.

Helen: Yes, the Hotline Number Was Very Useful. Anyway, to Recap A Hotline Is. . .

Liu Jia: Hotline is a hotline, you can get relevant information and help through it. And That’s All We Have Time For Today.

Helen: Yes, it’s Time For Us To Go. You’ve Been Listening To Real English From BBC Learning English. Join Us Again Soon For More Up-to-the-minute Real English. Bye.

Liu Jia: See You Next Time.

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