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Neil: This Is Real English From BBC Learning English. I ' M Neil.
Helen: Everybody is good, I am Helen.

Neil: Today We ' Re Going To Look At Words And Phrases That Have Recently Become Part Of The English Language.

Helen: The Real English today this link, we will learn a few new vocabularies that appear in English and phrase of be used to at the same place.

Neil: The English Language Is Always Growing And New Words Come Into Use All The Time.

Helen: I'm quite sure, so we want the ceaseless and seasonable vocabulary in replacing him head.

Neil: That ' S Right.

Helen: Next, should Neil tell us today's new term be?

Neil: Today ' S New Word Is 'road Rage' .

Helen: Road Rage. What meaning are these two words?

Neil: Well, you May Have Heard The Word Rage On Its Own. It Means To Be Extremely Angry. And Then To Actually Attack Other Drivers of – of Road Rage Means To Become Extremely Angry On The Road When Driving!

Helen: That Neil can cite a case to us, how to let us see this Road Rage should be used after all?

Neil: Of Course. Sometimes People Get Very Angry When They Drive. They Attack Another Motorist, you Call This Road Rage.

Helen: Oh, original Road Rage is to point to the irratable mood that happens on highway, when having, innocent passenger still can become victim to be assaulted.

Neil: Exactly.


A: Hey, john! What Happened To Your Face? Have You Been In A Fight?

B: Kind Of. I Was The Victim Of A Road Rage Attack! An Angry Driver Hit Me In The Face!

A: That ' S Terrible! Did You Call The Police?

B: Of Course, but As I Didn ' T Really Get A Good Look At Him There ' S Not Much They Can Do.

Neil: I Saw Some Road Rage The Other Day.

Helen: Really? What Happened?

Neil: Two Men Had An Argument At The Traffic Lights.

Helen: Be they become very irratable next?

Neil: Yes. They Were Shouting A Lot, and Then They Started Fighting!

Helen: What? Hit each other, were you psyched out by that at that time?

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