Oceans Deep

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Sons Of Day is the 4 people band of style of an Alternative Rock, held water 2005. By Roman Bellos and his other and companionate Vlad, bogdan, scottie comprises.sons Of Day to be disentombed by the Darren Bowls of company of record of Red Hammer Records at the spring 2006. Spring 2006, they issued This Place of two only music and Reconcile, this piece of Fragile People is the first piece of their individual special. Sons Of Day describes this piece of special is them the portraiture of real life, from inside this piece of special, your meeting discovery is not little lyric shake slow work, be worth to be savoured slowly very much.

Even Though The World I ' M In
The Perfect Pitch This Way Appears
The Greatest Pressures Of My Sin Don ' T Disappear
Alive And Through I Had So Few
The Wishing, well I Wished For You
Then I Look To See Myself Within It All
My Oceans Deep My Rivers Wide
The Strangers Weep At Pleasures Side
Oh Why Do I Not See The Only One Unseen
I ' M Lost Without It Seems So True
You Left From Here From Me To You
Well My Heart Is Broken
I ' M Trying Can ' T You See, can ' T You See

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