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1.She Is Coming On To You. She is interesting to you.

She Is Coming On To You. This word is to be used on bisexual relation, means " she throws oneself into his arms to you. " describe someone namely interesting to someone. Couple of men and women of this sentence pattern is applicable; Similar case, you also can say She Is Making A Pass At You. "She is right of your ogle. " these two kinds of statements are very dramatic, and the most marvellous is to use a word very simple!

Is There Someone Else? Be to point to on this word literal " is there someone else? " do not cross Is There Someone Else? This word is being used on, ask that " someone else " it is soulful certainly " new sweetheart, new target " , so if sweethearts or be did someone say this Is There Someone Else between husband and wife? "Did you have a new sweetheart? " this but not quite clever.

3.I Can't Help Myself. I cannot refrain from.

The means of this word " I cannot refrain from. " those who point to is helpless to oneself, uncontrollable oneself. I Can't Help. . . This sentence pattern is very good with, if you encounter a situation, want to say " I can'ted help feeling puzzled to rise. " you can say I Can't Help But Wonder directly in language is in the beauty.

4.This One Is On Me. This calculates go up in my head.

This word applies to the male. Be in normally and the girlfriend goes out have dinner or be after eating and drink together with a group of person, atmosphere awkwardness always is when arriving to pay Zhang, if right now you put down This One Is On Me! "This calculates me suddenly! " believe groups of big absolutely meeting anounces heroic type to cheer to you. Do not cross this kind of personal loyalty can now and then for it, what suffer from otherwise still is yourself.

5.I Feel The Same Way. I have the same feeling.

Spoke your feeling when other, you special when agreeing, you can use this word I Feel The Same Way. "I have the same feeling. " this word not only can let you avoid a same word retell, helped you save many saliva, still can let the other side feel his opinion is respected.

6.What Have You Got To Lose? Do you have what good losing?

What Have You Got To Lose? The Lose among this word is to point to " lose " meaning, when somebody indecisive, cannot make a decision from beginning to end, can you use this word What Have You Got To Lose? "Do you have what good losing? " , will enhance the determination that burn one's boats of the other side takes action.

7.You Shouldn't Be So Hard On Yourself. You ought not to so criticize severely oneself.

This word is to use those who comfort other, when somebody to oneself too when be being criticized severely too, you can say this word You Shouldn't Be So Hard On Yourself with the other side. "You ought not to so criticize severely oneself. " allow the have an easy time in heart of the other side a few.
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