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Quit It! Do not be troubled by!

Don't Mention It. Irrespective, fasten polite.

Who Knows! God knows!

It Is Not A Big Deal! It doesn't matter is marvelous!

How Come... how to return a responsibility, how do.

Don't Push Me. Do not force I.

Come On! Quickly, cheer up!

Have A Good Of It. Those who play is very glad.

It Is Urgent. Have urgent thing.

What Is The Fuss? Make a noise what?

Still Up? Had not slept?

It Doesn't Make Any Differences. Irrespective.

Don't Let Me Down. Do not make me disappointed.

God Works. Sacred arrangement.

Hope So. The hope is such.

Return to the subject of Get To The Point. (My feeling of Go Down To Business is commonly used without Get To The Point, change so)

None Of My Business. Do not involve my issue.

It Doesn't Work. No matter use.

I'm Not Going. I did not go.

Does It Serve Your Purpose? Useful to you?

I Don't Care. I do not care.

Not So Bad. Pretty good.

No Way! Be impossible!

Don't Flatter Me. Overpraise.

Your Are Welcome. You are too polite.

It Is A Long Story. It is a long story.

Between Us. You know, I know.

Big Mouth! Garrulous ass!

Sure Thin! 當 like that! (I feel Sure more Popular! I Like To Use SURE. . . ..

I ' M Going To Go. My 這 goes.

Never Mind. Do not want 緊.

Can-do. Able person.

Close-up. Close-up.

Drop It! Stop!

Bottle It! Shut up! (What Shut Up uses is more)

Don ' T Play Possum! 別 裝 garlic!

There Is Nobody By That Name Working Here. 這 裡 did not have 這 個 person.

He Neither Drinks Nor Smokes. His both neither drinks to also do not smoke 煙 .

Break The Rules. ? Disobey 規 則.

How Big Of You! Your dishy!

Poor Thing! True but 憐!

Nuts! Bah; Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad 說; Blamed

Make It Up! Do not write down past grudge!

Watch You Mouth. Notice one's words.

Any Urgent Thing? Is there urgent thing?

How About Eating Out? How to have a meal outside?

Don't Over Do It. It is too beyond the mark to fasten.

Can You Dig It? Are you done understood?

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