"Perfect " spoken English 8 recipe

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Say an effort that fluent English is a lot of people target. What problem should note in practicing a process? The reporter is asked outside instruct a court. Everybody mights as well have a try.

1.Listen To Yourself (listen to oneself) . If you cannot hear the pronunciation issue that gives yourself, go very hard correcting it. Try recite yours or oratorical collection comes down, do with the foreign personage that is mother tongue with English quite.

2.Slowdown (slow come down) . Conversation of learner of very much English is begged fast, actually fast not likely says well, say illness exceeds not easy drop more quickly. Practice little everyday, from tonetic arrive again to the word sentence, come slowly, do not get urgently.

3.Pictureit (draw) . Close an eye, want how to deliver this news before conversation, consider the fixed position of mouth and face.

4.Copy The Experts (imitate an expert) . The personage that English is mother tongue is best teacher. So, notice to listen to English broadcast or English film, TV program, listen to their pronunciation, notice to see their degree of lip-rounding even. Do not see caption, imitate the voice that you hear, what although you do not decide them,saying.

5.Practice(practices) . Pronunciation has the problem is hard to avoid, because this is very much,the person can fear missay and do not start to talk. Irrespective, much workout is good, not bashful.

6.Find A Partner(looks for associate) . From it is very important to get feedback is over there others. Look for an associate that also is interested in raise English level, encourage each other, mutual match, speak more.

7.Be Poetic(is full of poetic flavour) . Aloud attends poem, speech, dedicated the stress in the word and tone. Because, poetry is able to read aloud fluently of the sound of reading aloud normally, rhythm feels, great exercise conduces to raise English level. Pronunciation allowed, dialect was opposite, language feeling came out slowly, this has profit to remembering word and communication.

8.Sing A Song(sings) . Hear popular English song and follow sing. Sing to be able to learn with relaxed mood and use a word, also can help you learn rhythm and dialect, it is the good method that contain teachs Yu Le.

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