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2.1The usage of errant article

Article is function word, itself cannot be used alone, also do not have acceptation, it is used in front of substantival, help the meaning of demonstrate noun. The article in English has 3 kinds, one kind is definite article (The Definite Article) , another kind is errant article (The Indefinite Article) , still one is plant is 0 article (Zero Article) .

Errant article A (an) and numeral One are the same as a source, it is " the meaning of a " . Before A is used at consonantal phoneme, read commonly [E] , and before An is used at vowel phoneme, read commonly do [En] .

1) expresses " a " , meaning for One; Point to someone or something, meaning for A Certain.

A Mr. Ling Is Waiting For You.

2) represents a kind of person or thing.

A Knife Is A Tool For Cutting With.

Mr. Smith Is An Engineer.

3) phrase or idiom.

A Little / A Few / A Lot / A Type Of / A Pile / A Great Many / Many A / As A Rule / In A Hurry / In A Minute / In A Word / In A Short While / After A While / Have A Cold / Have A Try / Keep An Eye On / All Of A Sudden

2.2The usage of definite article

Definite article The and demonstrative pronoun This, that is the same as a source, have " that (this) the meaning of " , but weaker, can mix use consecutively of a noun, will express a certain or certain and specific person or thing.

1) the person that refers in particular to both sides to understand or content:

Take The Medicine. Took drug.
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