The life spoken language that had better use

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1. After You. You are asked first. This is a very commonly used civilities, in go out into / , the car gets a circumstance on you can be behaved.

2. I Just Couldn't Help It. I cannot help namely. Want, at how many circumstance can be a such beautiful sentences used? A case that cites at will is below:

I Was Deeply Moved By The Film And I Cried And Cried. I Just Couldn't Help It.

3. Don't Take It To Heart. Do not go in past heart, fasten for this worry to overtax one's nerves. Life example:

This Test Isn't That Important. Don't Take It To Heart.

4. We'd Better Be Off. We should go. It's Getting Late. We'd Better Be Off.

5. Let's Face It. Face reality. Often show talking person is not willing to escape difficult current situation.

Referenced illustrative sentence: I Know It's A Difficult Situation. Let's Face It, OK?

6. Let's Get Started. We begin to work. Say when advise others: Don't Just Talk. Let's Get Started.

7. I'm Really Dead. I want really tired died. Straight-out say when oneself feeling: After All That Work, I ' M Really Dead.

8. I've Done My Best. I already endeavored.

9. Is That So? Really in that way? Commonly used an after the event listened to express open-eyed, suspicion in a person.

10. Don't Play Games With Me! Do not follow my play tricks!

11. I Don't Know For Sure. I am not exact know.

Stranger: Could You Tell Me How To Get To The Town Hall? Tom: I Don't Know For Sure. Maybe You Could Ask The Policeman Over There.

12. I'm Not Going To Kid You. I do not joke with you.

Karin: You Quit The Job? You Are Kidding. Jack: I'm Not Going To Kid You. I'm Serious.

13. That's Something. Too good, too marvellous.

A: I'm Granted A Full Scholarship For This Semester. B: Congratulations. That's Something.

14. Brilliant Idea! This idea dishy! This decision is really wise!

15. Do You Really Mean It? Is this word taken seriously?

Michael: Whenever You Are Short Of Money, just Come To Me. David: Do You Really Mean It?

16. You Are A Great Help. You gave big help

17. I Couldn't Be More Sure. I also do not pass for certain again.

18. I Am Behind You. I support you.

A: Whatever Decision You're Going To Make, I Am Behind You.

19. I'm Broke. I am impecunious.

20. Mind You! Ask an attention! Listening! (Also can use Mind only. ) paradigmatic illustrative sentence: Mind You! He's A Very Nice Fellow Though Bad-tempered.

21. You Can Count On It. Although you had believed, although be at ease.

A: Do You Think He Will Come To My Birthday Party? B: You Can Count On It.

22. I Never Liked It Anyway. I like this thing not quite all the time. Can use this word to give him a chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position when friend or the thing that work in the same place to throw you not carefully bad, break awkward situation: Oh, don't Worry. I'm Thinking Of Buying A New One. I Never Liked It Anyway.
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