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General English learner, below the premise that raises English in the round, should rise listen, say ability, should notice above all the following at 3 o'clock:

1 . The attention distinguishs and imitate correct speech, dialect

There are many pronunciation closes in English, but the vocabulary with disparate however meaning, heal like Cure[kjue](cure) kill) with Kill[kill](, menu(menu) with Manure(fertilizer) wait. If the tentative idea has a doctor to want to say:" I'll Cure You. "(I should cure your disease. ) however because pronunciation is bad, say:" I'll Kill You. "(I should kill you. ) that patient can threaten what look. For instance, someone says to you:" I Am Thirty.My Wife Is Thirty, too. Too.. ?" I Am Dirty of word of Jiang Na of  gate  . My Wife Is Dirty, too. Too.. J of Sui of Zhuo of  of  of Gu of quarrel joyous ɑ guides a phoneme is besides difference of bite? place. Accordingly, we from be about to notice to distinguish and imitate correct speech at the beginning, dialect. Rise on this foundation listen, say, ability gets favorable result.

2. The audition with certain creation, say an environment

Listen, saying is a kind of language communication, environment of neither one foreign language or certain audition, say a condition, rely on single-handed very difficult effects only. Of course, modern science offerred a recorder for us this one tool, we are OK the text, dialog and transcribe of tape of finished product of China and foreign countries come down to listen repeatedly and be imitated. Still can mix oneself oral composition repeat collection comes down, careful careful listens, discover a problem, correct in time. But, below natural condition, listen with saying is inseparable. The process that a person listens to is actual it is the another process that the individual says. If conditional word, best can rise the companionate organization of self-study, develop conversational activity regularly, or use socially, the condition such as the horny " of the " foreign language that provides in the park, drilled already say, drilled again listen, practice in real language environment, ability obtains great progress.

3. Should have do not be afraid of mishear, missay, the spirit that practices hard ceaselessly

The exercise listens, saying learner, especially adult, often need mishear, missay, not dare advocate pay dehisce practice. However, the language is a kind of habit, drill without what relapse and carry out the skill that produces adroitness hard. Conversation is in again express the idea, want to achieve the goal that communicates an idea only, this kind listens, saying practice should say is basic success. Gave a fault, the attention sums up experience, self-study is corrected is.

2. 4 phase that audition trains

This phase suits ⑴ introduction phase abecedarian. Can begin after learning a letter to reach a few simple sentence pattern and vocabulary. Can undertake 3 each audition practice commonly:
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