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"Earthly village " times, english and Chinese also globalization. Those who love snack you how can won't see the English of the bag that pack? Careful, not one not careful, nutrition did not catch up with, adipose increase not little oh. Healthy delicate, the English that pack learns with me!

The bag mount of foreign food, have very complete " nutrient detail " Nutrition Facts, now, the bag mount of a lot of domestic products also begins Yin Shangying article. Now, let us be compared quite well, see food wrap mount of Chinese and English name differ greatly.

The biscuit that we buy in the shop wraps mount, have complete " product component " Ingredients is indicative, but be in abroad the bag mount of a lot of food, still can see the following content:

Nutrition Facts

Nutrient detail

Serving Size 5 Pieces (55 G)

Every 5 (55 grams)

Servings Per Container About 5

Every wrap about 5

Amount Per Serving

Every content

Calories 150 Fat Cal.50 %

Quantity of heat 150 calories come from 50 calories adipose

Percent Daily Values (DV)

Daily place requires standard per cent

Total Fat 8g 10%

Adipose gross 8 grams 10%

Sat. Fat 5g 17%

Saturated and adipose 5 grams 17%

Cholesterol 0mg 0%

Cholesterol 0 milligram 0%

Sodium 155mg 6%

Sodium 155 milligram 6%

Total Carb. 20g 6%

Carbohydrate gross 20 grams 6%

Fiber 0g 0%

Fiber is qualitative 0 grams 0%

Sugars 10g

Candy 10 grams

Protein 5g

Protein 5 grams

Vitamin A 0% Vitamin C 0%

Dimension changes vitaminic C 0% of life A 0%

Calcium 3% Iron 5%

Calcic 3% iron 5%

Percent Daily Values (DV)are Based On A 2, 000 Calorie Diet.

Daily place requires standard per cent, be with quantity of heat 2000 calories prandial for computational standard.

It is the word that the regular meeting on list of the food nutrition that pack appears below, know at once, write down a heart to go up sincerely!

Dietary Fiber prandial fiber

Protein protein

Calcium calcium

Iron iron

Riboflavin riboflavin

Niacin Nick is acerbity

Folic Acid folic acid

Phosphorus phosphor

No Preservatives does not have antiseptic

Do these English explain you understood? When shopping next time, can want to see well buy again, healthy diet just has healthy body!

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