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The National Day (National Day) it is the political sex festival with a the grandest country, the name of each country National Day and date are decided very much really identical.

Tell from nominally, it is in 100 many nations of world, say " the National Day " or " National Day day " (National Day) have about 40 states such as China; Say " independent day " or " independent section " (Independence Day) have the United States, Mexico, Philippine, Burmese wait for about 60 countries; Say " with day " or " with the country day " (Republic Day) have Yugoslavia, Icelandic wait for a country; Still have additionally say " day " , " associated day (Union Day) " , " establish day " , " revolutionary section (Revolution Day) " wait, really mixed, multifarious.

Say from date, the whole world includes our country inside, have 30 states about with founding a state day is the National Day; Have a plenty of promulgate day to be the National Day with constitution, be like Germany; Have a plenty of with revolution uprise day is the National Day, be like France; Have a plenty of the birthday with national head of state to be the National Day, wait like England, Japan, Thailand. Interesting is, a few countries change as kingly, the emperor of Japan or queenly and change the date of the National Day.

The National Day with the longest history on the world is the National Day of San Marino, far in the Christian era 301 years, san Marino was on September 3 surely oneself National Day, already had 1 up to now, 700 old histories.

Should express normally " celebrate " festival, we use Celebrate this word, for instance:

Chinese People Are Going To Celebrate Their National Day On October 1.

The Mid-autumn Festival Was Celebrated By Chinese People All Around The World.

Should express " with... means is celebrated " , we say normally:

We Celebrated The New Year With A Dance Party.

We Hold A Dragon Boat Competition To Celebrate The Dragon Boat Festival.

If want to say " congratulatory activity " , use Celebration normally this word. Congratulatory activity is more than normally, still have Celebrations so, for instance:

The Villagers Had A Celebration, with A New Film To Finish Up With.

I'm Sure The Times Square Celebrations Cost A Lot Of Money.

Finally, will learn the expression of a few concerned National Days again:

National Day Is Coming. The National Day was gotten on for.

National Day Falls On Monday This Year. The National Day is on Monday this year.

October 1st. Is China ' S National Day. October is Chinese National Day a day.

It's A Fortnight To National Day. Still have fortnight from the National Day.

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