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"Beautiful tone " learn

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The a bitth: Do not abuse " beautiful tone " medium sound. Everybody knows, be in " beautiful tone " in, have a lot of sound, the Mer with for instance medium Comer, the Ker in Maker, etc. But observe according to me, some learner do not divide particular case, abuse sound. For instance I had listened to have a friend, china medium Na also reads aloud sound, and those who read aloud is very heavy, let a person feel very barpque, very at odds. "Beautiful tone " medium sound, appear in Er only normally on such monogram, the sound that is not all likeness is sent sound, accordingly this hope abecedarian notices.

at 2 o'clock: Oral language and written language had better keep consistent. If you chose " beautiful tone " , so your oral language (beautiful tone) had better keep consistent with written language, it is namely in the article, use the vocabulary with American peculiar English as far as possible. For instance the Xiaoyang of my company, be a standard " beautiful tone " , but in his article, use the vocabulary with the peculiar Briticism such as Railway, Shop, Got however, I ever had said with him, since you are told " beautiful tone " , then these words had better change Railroad, Store, Gotten to wait, so that let oral language and written language,keep consistent.

at 3 o'clock: The tendency turning over the United States of certain state. Learn " beautiful tone " later, go to the United States working, do not have any problems of course, this is optimal, but in case you go the certain state that turn over the United States works, you are about to consider political factor. My Palestine friend Shaath once said with me, a lot of Palestinians detest Hebrew(Xi Bailai language) with English(English) , think they are Satan(Satan) language, it is Zionist(Zionism) language. Of course, this is a kind of very extreme politics point of view, but we can see place is turned over strongly from which with, the mood that turn over the United States. If you henceforth is to go this kind of country works, the work for you is great, even the person for you is safe, I suggest you learn " Ying Yin " .

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