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Not long ago, the United States " news weekly " have first phase with " future belongs to China " for total problem, undertook with 21 layout " Chinese century " cover story, much angle ground unscrambles Chinese rise, and teaching a respect among them with respect to respecting American student starts the case that learns Chinese upsurge.

Allegedly, go up in world stage as China fly, develop toward the direction of superpower, chinese accepts favour fully, american the State Council already was Chinese surely " crucial " language, the student number that studies Chinese also is increasing.

Learn the investigation of advanced research center according to American language, 640 American universities had begun to offer special Chinese study to plan, at least 102 had labelled Chinese to the American middle and primary school of 12 grade from nursery school " be enmeshed " type education courses. Learn Chinese to grab from baby. As we have learned, in a few elementary school of the United States, child of 6 years old begins to learn Chinese, even the teacher hooks up geometrical class uses Chinese, the school can see the mark of Chinese everywhere.

Hanging a lot of China work of art on the corridor of the school for example, still mark is worn balladry of children's song of the animal toy of Chinese name, Chinese, Chinese, the American children's folk that useful still even Chinese writes down. And in the family that is in the United States, after Chinese already exceeded French, German and Italian to become afterwards English and spanish the 3rd kind of most common language. The parent of a few students the child to catch up with oneself, go up the evening school learns to remove Chinese to come. And these student parents say, although their child makes future work Chinese of have more than is needed, still also think study Chinese is worthiness, because children acquired additionally one kind of culture.

By go up visible, american shows at least on study Chinese piece so 4 kinds " information " : The first, learn a kind of language to want to see its value, be like Chinese rise; The 2nd, grab from baby benefit at accepting neologism word, be like " be enmeshed " way education; The 3rd, the atmosphere setting that builds language study is very main, if condole hangs culture work of art of China, the evening school on the parent; The 4th, the target tenet that learns a language is not program life not be for the job in the future, if the parent thinks,learning a language is the study that changes to foreign language only.

After-thought comes over, be fond of in American learn Chinese while, our Chinese is how to English " adore " , how learn English? Identical is, above all, compatriots also saw English regards an international as the importance of the language, intensify conforming with international, day and night " Xiu Lian " English. Next, we also were to notice learn English to want to grab from baby, doesn't gentleman see the elementary school nowadays is repaired not early learn English? However, different is, we press a root to dare not say English on geometrical classroom, also do not promote what hang foreign culture work, toy to wait in school corridor. Need not talk about the evening school on what parent more.
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