Back word is the most scientific method

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How does ability carry so much word on the back? A bit the most important, namely: If want to succeed than others, must take shortcut. Do not expect oneself luckier than others, also do not count on oneself cleverer than others more assiduous perhaps. Say from intelligence, say from good luck, how much cannot oneself and others differ, want to be mixed more than oneself about the same person, must take shortcut, shortcut, shortcut!

The first when carry word shortcut on the back, namely: Must every time abundantly back.

Because oneself are not as clever as others, carry a word on the back so, others is forgotten 1/5, oneself will never forget less than others. However, others carries 10 words on the back everyday, oneself can carry 100 on the back however, forget 1/5, return remnant eighty, it is others what the cleverest condition falls is decuple. Everyday 100 are lowest is restricted. Actually the back arrives you can discover this demand is not high later, after a month, you arrive naturally with respect to the back 300 or 500.

These 100 should be divided into quadruplet to carry on the back, in the morning 30, midday 10, afternoon 30, in the evening 30. Revise the term that did not carry on the back before in the morning the following day. When carrying on the back, should look 10 words (attention, be 10 is not more or fewer) , do not want serious back, because do not have serious time. Look to read the pronunciation of every word at the same time at the same time, subvocal also become. After looking, recollect, recollect what do not rise to look again. The purpose that carries on the back this depends on staying probably impression, see next time can know this word, so the back can be recollected to much rise to be become, copy the word that leave alone.

The 2nd when carry word shortcut on the back, namely: Back dictionary! Why should carry a dictionary on the back? Because the explanation of every word on the dictionary is more comprehensive, and the word of identical letter begin is together centrally. What dictionary can not obtain a back, must search to include oneself to think the dictionary of back word only. Additional, had better have explanation and illustrative sentence. And, must have phonetic symbol! The glossary at the back of text of general teaching material is the academic unripe preparation that is those serious attend a lecture, think shortcut to must not carry those things on the back.

When carrying a dictionary on the back, press begin letter (Z, y, x, q, j, k, u)(V, w, n, o, l)(FG, IT, HM, BDE, r)(C, p, s, the order of A) is carried on the back, among them C, p, s, a should divide partial back every. Such backs have a few profit: (one) can increase achievement to feel, increase interest. As to why, you break up turn over a dictionary to understand. (2) facilitate know those words had been carried on the back clearly, those still do not have a back. (3) can master the mainest speech first first.
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