Step on English below the foot

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What Is English? English Is Not A Boring Subject. English Is A

Language. English Is A Skill. English Is Just A Tool. English Is Very Easy.

English Is No Longer A Foreign Language. English Is An International

Language. English Is An "international Putonghua" . Let's Treat

Language As Language. Let's Practice Crazily. Let's Use English.

What is English? English is not dull homework. English is a language, english is skill, english is a tool, english is very simple, english is no longer it is door foreign language, english is an international language, english is international mandarin. Let us resemble treating a language to treat English in that way. Make us mad drill, let us use English!

Whole Asia is the ocean of English study! But whole Asia was paying overmuch price, be opposite especially for the Chinese, this cost is bigger! I once issued such appeal: English bring calamity to the country and the people! Why do I say the problem so badly? Graduate to the doctor from nursery school, the how much precious time flower in lifetime is on English study? If can learn to come out to still calculate,be worth, but crucial question is, 20 old English study, we were fostered can become choice problem only in great quantities, but English is understood not, inarticulate " strange embryo " !

Why can you appear such phenomenon? Because we did not make clear Hunan: What is English after all?

English is a skill above all. English Is A Skill. Since be skill, we should drill assiduously, is not from morning till night the theory that studies it. The principle that if one individual from morning till night studies,swims, even if take natant doctor's degree, jump into the river to also can be drowned. Studied the person of car theory 10 years, drive to strike a person possibly. On the Spring Festival evening party of 2002, I and actor of more than 100 masses sang a song " everybody says English " , libretto is such: Swimming swim, dancing jumps out, the football is to kick come out, english speaks out. Since English is skill, should abundantly drills, wild land goes saying, and it is to drill every day, say every day. Apparent, more than 400000000 people of complete China learn English, accomplish without a few people! By tens of thousands the Chinese is studying grammar day and night, become choice problem. Since English is skill, should not face, do not be afraid of err, do not be afraid of jest, practice ceaselessly, until master this skill till! The friend that plays golf knows, play a ball game for the first time what silly sight has gone out, but everybody won't be cared about, still can continue to practice, until become golf past master till. And the Chinese says English is afraid of others jest, jest causes psychogenic disorder all one's life, also dare not start to talk again. This is how absurd thing!

The 2nd, english just is a tool. English Is Just A Tool. Learn English and can not revitalize China. Master this tool adroitly only, learn with this tool, go communicating, go negotiating, go promoting, we just can hold vantage ground in global competition! Lamentable is, the Chinese paid enormous price to master this tool, but still did not master, still be deaf-mute English! Wasteful and the methodological grind English that uses an error in us, many time when, american, Englishman is studying science and technology, exercise, enjoy the life, our difference is bigger and bigger! Dear friend, english just is a tool! Must not become it a thing! English " walk below the foot " ! Begin to put down face, drill assiduously with mouth English!
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