Pay attention to the rule of English study

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Be in our country, english learner is numerous, what English learns is enthusiastic, what also be the world is infrequent. However, because a lot of English learner suffer " certificate motive " drive, the effect of English study always is get half the result with twice the effort, fare badly.

We reach our to study experience according to old English teacher and student, appeal English teaching staff and English learner pay attention to the scientific rule that seeks English study, change idea, choose right study strategy.

Rise " inside recessive knowledge " level

Learner of our country English often is worries of such place of a problem: The word that Cong exchanges  to rip Du Suo to went straight towards? of urinate в ⒂ to remember certain amount and grammar are regular, took English even 4 class, 6 class even more certificate, why cannot still use English to have communication? Appear the language knowledge that the crucial point of this one problem is mastering at us just stays in mostly " outside dominance knowledge " on administrative levels, did not have adequate knowledge " inside change " , made change is " inside recessive knowledge " .

Inside recessive knowledge, those who show people place is had but the knowledge that cannot make clear expression to come out, and outside dominance knowledge is those we can convey the knowledge that come out formally. The English learner of our country passes old study, mastered the word of certain amount, acquired many syntactic regulation, these knowledge are belonged to mostly outside dominance knowledge. And it is certain to be had when us only inside recessive knowledge, ability enough nature, use English to have communication fluently. At ordinary times what we say " language feeling " with inside recessive knowledge has close relationship.

In English study, if rely on to remember a word only, do English of tower above learner the imitate problem of actual level, obtain very hard inside recessive knowledge, enhance language sense. Strengthen only hear, read, the practice of all sorts of language skill such as writing trains, in the process of use English, ability is obtained inside recessive knowledge, knowledge of the dominance outside making ceaselessly " inside change " , increase language intercourse capacity truly.

Pay attention to the language input of sufficient capacity

Language skill basically includes to listen, say, read, keep 4 fields, alleged " input " it is to point to through " listen " and " read " material of osculatory English language, alleged " output " it is to point to through " say " and " write " will have expression.

Linguistics reviews regular research makes clear as a result, output builds the base that inputting over, the input is primary, output is secondary. People is in English learning process, what can understand always is to compare what can convey to want much. Those who change character, people can understand, want much; than what can say forever and can understand, compare again many what can write. We can enjoy the fine literature work such as novel, essay and poetry, but ourselves can be not written certainly come out. Actually, our mother tongue also is such. We can understand such as " on the west travel notes " , " red Lou Meng " wait for classic monumental work, but ourselves is written however do not come out. On the other hand, the amount that the language inputs is larger, the capability that the language outputs is stronger. The thing that we hear is more, read thing is more, expressive ability also can be jumped over strong. "Listen " , " read " input sex skill, and " say " , " write " like outputting sexual skill, the target that since English studies, also be the method of English study, undertake " listen " , " read " the use process that exercise book body is a language. Pass much language input, learner can be obtained inside recessive knowledge, still can be inside translate into of knowledge of the dominance outside carrying out what lieutenant general place learns recessive knowledge, raise English level in the round thereby.
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