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According to Chinese media coverage, the plan need that Coke Cola company buys manufacturer of Chinese fruit juice to collect a source undertakes checkup according to China's new antitrust law.
Coca-Cola Co. Will Have To Submit Its Bid To Buy Chinese Juice Producer Huiyuan For Review Under China's New Anti-monopoly Law, chinese Media Reported.

Afp is commented on, still not be clear that the government wants to spend how long to approve this to buy a plan at present, how is the law new antitrust actual in the details that carry out is very not clear still.
It Is Unclear How Long It Will Take For The Government To Approve The Purchase, as Few Details About How The Anti-monopoly Law Should Be Applied In Practice Have Been Clarified, AFP Commented.

According to governmental announcement, if plan the company gross earnings of generation because of be being bought,400 million yuan exceed in China or one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan exceed in the whole world, amalgamative must examine through antitrust.
Mergers Must Undergo An Anti-monopoly Review If The Company Created By The Deal Would Have Revenues Of 400 Million Yuan In China Or 10 Billion Yuan Worldwide, according To A Government Notice.

Legal provision, if buy the word that damages competition, will be prevented. But, the market forestall that law did not point out what degree will be regarded as not acceptability.
The Law Says Mergers Will Be Blocked If They Hurt Competition But Gives No Indication Of What Level Of Market Dominance Is Deemed Unacceptable.

Afp points out at the same time, it is in the nationalism mood that rising opposition trades this, this first instance checks a process to may become more complex.
AFP Also Pointed Out That The Process Could Become Even More Complicated Amid Rising Nationalist Opposition To The Deal.

According to the report, fruit juice of a few China produces business to prepare to write Department of Commerce to ask to prevent this to trade.
Some Chinese Juice Companies Are Reportedly Planning To Send A Letter To The Commerce Ministry To Block The Bid.

These manufacturers represent, this will make they are faced with bankrupt menace.
These Companies Argued The Acquisition Threatened To Force Them Out Of Business.

After trading because of this, Coke Cola will control network of sale of one major product, of Zhou Yi " Beijing morning paper " the report says.
Because Coca-Cola Would Control A Large Share Of The Product Distribution Network After The Deal, monday's Beijing Morning Post Said.

Reuter report, besides, this trades in China billows also was caused among the public. They object will beloved homebred brand selling a foreigner.
Besides, the Deal Has Aroused Chinese Public Sentiment Against The Sale Of A Beloved Domestic Brand To Foreigners, reuters Noted.

In the investigation of net of sina of Chinese portal website, 82.3? Participate in inquirer to object this buying.
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