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On September 25, 2008 in the evening 9 when 10 minutes, "God 7 " rise high into the air and case, be less than half hour, beijing spaceflight flies accuse a center to announce " god 7 " emissive success. Executive god boat before go out for a battle of the spacefarer Di Zhigang of task of 7 manned space flight, Liu Baiming, Jing Haipeng, xiang Zuguo and people pay majestic military salute. "Divine boat 7 " the veil that opened mystery eventually, appear to common people, this is compatriots actual strength reflect again, also be actual strength of the Chinese nation reveal.
China's Third Manned Spacecraft Lifted Off At 9:10 Pm Yesterday To Fulfill Its Most Ambitious And Risky Mission: Spacewalk.

Shenzhou VII, carrying Astronauts Zhai Zhigang, liu Boming And Jing Haipeng, blasted Off From The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center In Gansu Province, into A Clear Sky.

As Is The Case With Such Missions, the First Few Moments Were Tense. But Then The Ground Control Heard The Voices Of The Astronauts. They Felt "physically Sound" , they Said To The Joy Of The Scientists On The Ground.

"The Solar Panel Has Unfolded, and We Feel Well, "One Of Them Said. Remote-measuring Signals Showed All Their Physical Indices, such As Blood Pressure And Heartbeat, were Normal.

The Astronauts Will Orbit The Earth For Three Days, 68 Hours, to Be Precise, and One Of Them Will Walk In Space About 343 Km Above The Earth On Saturday.

That Will Make China The Third Country To Conduct Extra-vehicular Activity (EVA) In Space. The Other Two To Have Achieved That Are The Former Soviet Union And The US.

The Timing Of The Spacewalk Could, however, be Changed, depending On How Long It Would Take For The Astronauts To Adjust To All The Factors. EVAs Are Essential For China's Long-term Goal Of Building A Space Station By 2020, and Possibly Launching A Manned Mission To The Moon.

Back At The Beijing Aerospace Control Center Yesterday, hundreds Of Scientists Monitored And Reported The Spacecraft's Status Every Few Seconds.

At 9:32 Pm, shenzhou VII Entered Its Orbit. A Minute Later, chang Wanquan, chief Commander Of The Center, announced That The Lift-off Had Been A Complete Success.

President Hu Jintao, who Was Present At The Jiuquan Launch Center, congratulated The Space Scientists And The Astronauts For The Successful Lift-off.

"The Successful Launch Marks The First Victory Of The Shenzhou VII Mission, "Hu Told Scientists And Other Staff At The Center. "On Behalf Of The CPC Central Committee, the State Council And The Central Military Commission, I Congratulate All Those Who Are Part Of The Mission. I Congratulate All Those Who Are Part Of The Mission..

A Few Hours Before The Launch, hu Saw Off The Three White-suited Astronauts On Their Way To The Long March II-F Carrier Rocket, which Later Took Them Into Space.

The Spacewalk Would Be A Milestone, he Told Them. "This Will Be A Major Step Forward For Our Country's Aerospace Technology. "This Will Be A Major Step Forward For Our Country's Aerospace Technology..
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