Three Aspects of Children English Training Mode

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Opening more than one month, most parents are considering Network access to the children, according to survey a large part of the parents will give priority consideration to start from the English training. So how parents choose for their children's English training Body? Experts said, into the "fill" is important, but parents need to avoid a "spoon-feeding" of teaching, the knowledge taught to children by force, or they may be more effective. So, how to make children "tonic" British Language is it? I will now more popular special English language training of the three made a systematic way of comparison, so that parents weigh their own. Interactive scenarios With the wide use of English, many parents are aware of "dumb English" and "deaf English" limitations. Therefore, let the children speak English at all times and likes to speak English, became many parents considered Most. English training market has opened for this purpose spoken English training scenario focused interactive learning. With this training mode is usually the classic story, animated characters and scenes of life, or a fun interactive games, Simulate a particular scenario, the formation of reflective scene when oral communication in English, or English, so that children have perceived the English language, its purpose is to let the children speak speak English. Currently, the English training market in Jiangmen, the majority of institutions using this approach to training. Meeting Point English related personnel, said: "Scenario interactive way to learn English pay more attention to fostering children's sense of language, exercise their The English skills. " With study habits Currently, the English training market, active in another new training mode, the program breaks the traditional classroom face to face teaching mode single, fully integrated children's children's second language learning habits and psychology. Jiangmen Ying Long Training Language is the adoption of this model. The model set form a rich class face to face, DVD scene of teaching, computer teaching cartoon entertainment, multimedia, electronic interactive whiteboards in one study, scientific, practical, interest, Knowledge, story premise, which relates to the culture, arts, sports, science, astronomy, geography and other subjects of knowledge, all content through songs, song, dance, games, hand-made and other teaching reflected. Subject Teaching Mary has been on the first two days of this year's phenomenon of serious side branches, language, mathematics and other subjects in the class ahead of the total results, with the exception of 70 multisection English every time, serious delays in their class rankings. To this end, a small Li's mother specifically for her choice of traditional English tutorial mode. So if Mary can get the results significantly improved? In this regard, the industry said: "The traditional mode of inheritance tutorial mode of teaching in schools, the traditional training model of English, pay attention to the word back, remember syntax. For getting 'good grades' really is a fast, Effective tutorial way. " It is understood that the general English tuition agencies have their own teaching materials, designed to allow students to learn English through the high-strength, and strive to achieve voice, vocabulary, grammar, etc. The rapid breakthrough. For example, as the goal of education, the state is counseling And other agencies launched a number of tutorial sprint English exam classes, all belong to the traditional model of English tuition to help students achieve their desired results.

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