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Since the Shanghai Stock Exchange To launch an international board the beginning of the message appeared in public, on the international board available? Will use the issue of how to set rules, listing rules, trading rules, and registration and settlement rules? Has been We focus on the focus of discussion is also interested in China and listed various international companies pay close attention to information. However, investors and finance companies so that all disappointed that we are concerned about the introduction of the international board of progress, whether regulatory or implementation units were reticent about the relative delays to determine the message to the public. However The saying goes, Rome was not built in a day. SSE available on the international panel on the international financial platform, not to say that the launch of the launch, which involves many problems can effectively control or whether the solution is a Very large project items, particularly those based in China, a unique economic issues involved in running the body, especially prominent, the first will encounter such as the rule-making rules for localization and internationalization of the local two-way language. As Asia's largest and most influential one giant corporate language training, Marco Reed International Board for the establishment of the language encountered in the process of expression and communication docking imbalances quickly in Financial English, securities English backbone of the field of resources and advantages of intensive integration, and set up a dedicated training department actively join the international board of this international financial infrastructure platform which, for the relevant units and enterprises to provide the most professional , High quality, efficient business English training solution. Only the first two quarters of 2010, Marco had been for many years, including stock exchanges, fund companies and other relevant units and enterprises, including several involved in providing regulations, contracts, stock trading, index analysis, agency , Finance, auditing, legal and other project-specific training services in English and Chinese language training for foreign service employees, and use the details of Marco in the refinement of the language was tailored professional training services, the language of the international panel set up Docking issues a positive and effective solutions, thus greatly speeding up the establishment of the international rule-making board speed and ready to board listed international companies in the international preparatory process. Reed on the Hai Make English language training in financial and securities expertise and efficiency, for many, including 500 international companies, including re-acquainted with the full glory and honor MarketLeader corporate English training section A brand.

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