Jiangmen English training market price is relatively stable at this stage

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When choosing training products, consumers often favor some of the training effect is good, value for money courses to attend. In the English training market is now in Jiangmen, the price situation is how what? Training, product pricing based on what is it? With the prices of various commodities, Jiangmen training institutions will also set off a "price boom"? I recently the above problem, interviews with relevant training institutions. Wen / Lee Mo fly map / EPC / CFP A price situation: the files are, what they need Speaking English training market as a whole price situation, the majority of training institutions in charge of people think that the market price is now basically reasonable. Zhu gantry education teacher, said the author, in fact, the market is now so much training institutions, the profitability of each space are in fact not large, prices are set by market demand and supply and demand decisions, due to market demand, the different training institutions different products to meet different groups, there is a different market position, the price will vary. The price is reasonable, the market and consumers is the best conclusion. But some people think that the English training market prices low. Ma Jia Mo foreign language teacher, said the author, Jiangmen foreign language training market in 2007 when we experience a brutal price war, resulting in the price of foreign language training market up to now have not yet returned to a normal level. But he also believes that price should be linked to its training quality, low cost training institutions can not be long in the long run, more reasonable price trend is still the mainstream of development. Now, good command of English skills has become a basic requirement for professional development, in addition to part of the examination for English language training needs of the people, the more people learn English as an investment, hoping to make some return in the future. Students certainly hope to get better personalized service, more opportunities to communicate with the teacher, class time is more free, more reasonable price, this is the inevitable development of the market. Therefore, the price will be different people with different needs to accept, the key is commitment to training institutions can be achieved, so that students feel value for money, or even value. This is a consensus among the various training institutions, but also English language training market is now a major cause of the price situation. B the price is relatively stable at this stage Training costs will be too variable temporarily, the cost of training institutions for training the trend at this stage have the same view, being generally considered the training costs will not have much float. Teacher Zhu said the goal of education, training institutions will maintain the current status, there would be no adjustment of the temporary, as the future can not be sure that if prices suddenly soared to fly, the market is not beyond our control. "Our program now has lined up before the winter holiday, at least, before the winter break we will not have any change." Professor Ng also said that as the economy continues to develop, the training of future prices can not be predicted, but now is relatively stable. C price pressure, due to increased investment Although at this stage of English training market Jiangmen relatively stable price level, but with the Price Index of all kinds, Jiangmen will lead to a wave of "price boom"? Meeting Point English School Professor Ng to my analysis, training institutions, there are reasons for price increases, rent, printing costs, teacher salaries are rising, and there are inflationary pressures, training institutions less and less profit margin, from To some extent, training institutions, the choice of prices is compelling. Professor Ng, for example, Meeting Point, more than a year to hire foreign teachers, the higher the cost has more lift: In the past month to 3,000 yuan will be able to hire British and American classroom teacher, and now has been upgraded to 5000 ~ 8000 yuan. "Now the teacher of the class fee is generally cost 150 yuan, if spoken by foreign students pay 20 yuan for each class / hours of standard, apportioned advertising, management, rent and other costs, the standard class size of about 15 small, profit school has been very low, sometimes even a loss may be. " Professor Ng said, our school does not have price increases, largely maintained at 2 years of the price, mainly through the price advantage to attract students to consider, provides students with the higher cost courses. With the development of large-scale educational institutions, some of the larger education and training institutions have the ability to gather and integrate more high-quality educational resources, the ability to control costs in the case of students and parents to provide high quality services, training market sharp rise in prices will not be the case. The possibility of a price war D Little With the English training market, increasing competition has become fiercer, more cruel, a price war will not it? Various training institutions in the interview the author, they also raised the issue. Surprisingly, almost all of the training bodies of people think a price war is unlikely. They analyzed the main reasons that consumer psychology is relatively mature, low-cost hard to attract customers to come alone. Participants in the choice of training institutions, the first choice of institutions and their corresponding grade products, then the comparison is the quality of training. If the quality is better, the price difference is almost negligible. Formed the situation of market segmentation, brand advantage gradually displayed. With the proverb that "a pit of a turnip." For example: Adults, children in English, they usually select the "Meeting Point"; Young children English, they usually select the "L.", "Long Training Children English"; small secondary school English language training, and rose point, they usually select the "Majia Language "History is slightly longer, slightly larger body size of the hands have a card," Crash "-style competition is not there will be positive, so the price war going. English language training market continues to expand, more and more people are aware of the importance of learning English, and these people come from all walks of life. Just look for the direction, location, any quality assurance of training institutions have a lot of space to develop, do not have to rely on price cuts to the upper hand.

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