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In the current severe employment situation, when many companies in the recruitment of more and more attention seekers training experience, I do not know when to begin, "English Training" This word has become a spare time talking about a major topic It was also said: "In the current social, computer and English language will not be different, just as illiterate of the 21st century," as if foreign language training has become a fashion now, the saying goes, fall behind, some white-collar workers in addition to other work, amateur charge learning has become an indispensable part of life. But, for many college students with no work experience, "many cards in hand, work comfortably," the idea makes some of the crazy college students form a research boom, as long as could get permits to test, many people apply for several cards hand, as is to have a nice resume, find a decent job. As 2010 draws to a close, winter approaching, many students and some clusters also hope to work through this holiday to recharge study, the choice of what areas? What kind of language training school? Many students and parents to consider becoming a problem, and some parents even just to "accounting hole" at "paste" for their children to go blind reporting training, but does not know some English training for what type of area is training? What kind of crowd for? Shanghai this reporter visited a number of large-scale language training institutions, alone depending on the learning content for the majority of English fans, students and parents to make a detailed comparison and recommendation. English Traditional Chinese learning English, so many people in English comprehension and exam is particularly prominent, but poorly spoken, someone quipped: "Chinese people learn English in order to test and learn", regarded as useless learning, that is, popular "dumb English", China accounted for 80% of the students there this problem, so training for spoken English to come out, step by step from a groping toward maturity, and slowly loved by the people, has become a lot now students and white-collar life in the amateur to learn English is a major choice. Spoken English training does not require examination, relatively little pressure on the individual alone and loving English speaking needs. Recommended Schools: FamilyEnglish Website: http://www.familyenglish.cn Starting time: January 25, 2011 Features: ① small classes of less than six people, ensure quality of teaching, students can be different for different teaching and enhance interaction. ② perfect pronunciation classes, from the most basic is a dialect pronunciation than to the linking, the weak reading, cloud of, intonation, rhythm and other advanced techniques, abdominal pronunciation skills, reshape your international image. ③ breakthrough oral English forty-six (high school), PubMed (students) vocabulary. ④ diagnostic approach, through a variety of combat scenarios, to correct errors in the expression of students, thinking out of the Chinese-style English. Public English National Public English Test (Public English TestSystem called PETS) is the design of the Ministry of Education Examination Center and is responsible for the national English proficiency test system. Zuo Wei, the British Government's education exchange and cooperation between projects in the design process, it was the British expert technical support consists of five levels, the candidate regardless of age, occupation and education level of the restrictions, according to their English level can be enrolled in any level of examination. Recommended schools: the New World Website: http://www.neworldgroup.org Starting time: January 30, 2011 Features: ① gold certificate authority: the Ministry of Education Examination Center certification. ② ability to improve the comprehensive: including listening, speaking, reading and writing core. ③ test the flexibility of qualification: University of forty-six exam in the traditional society, after the candidates completely closed, PETS quickly became a four-CET's "alternative" social Candidates are free to choose the appropriate level of examination. English forty-six English CET (College English Test referred to as CET) by the State Department of Higher Education hosted a national teaching exam; test the main target of completing educational programs is based on four or six English universities in undergraduate or graduate school. College English, six standardized tests beginning in late 1986 and preparation, the formal implementation in 1987. Ministry of Education commissioned the "National College English CET Committee" (1993 years ago called "College English, six standardized tests Design Group") responsible for the design, organization, management and implementation of the College English CET ( including Russia, Japan, Germany, France and language exams). Recommended School: New Oriental Website: http://www.neworiental.org Starting time: January 30, 2011 Features: Founded in the East with a breakdown of the new-style teaching methods, focusing on strengthening of the calendar year 真题, so that students in the short term and efficient problem-solving method, the accumulation of practical ability should try it, most of the trainees through the New Oriental in 2009 Four examination in April specifically to obtain good results. IELTS IELTS IELTS exam, commonly known as "IELTS" is full of English (International English Language Testing System, the Chinese called the International English Language Testing System, transliteration for the IELTS), the British Council by the four agencies jointly organized by the International English Language Testing System. Is used to test the English-speaking countries to study in non-English speaking countries or immigrant language ability of candidates designed by listening, reading, writing, speaking four sub-components. Recommended schools: Global IELTS Website: http://www.ielts.com.cn Starting time: February 1, 2011 Features: The introduction of global best-selling professional teaching "WorldLink", it provides an authentic language environment, rich learning resources, practical heard vivid vocabulary, refining the syntax point of view of globalization and high-intensity exercise, so that students master the knowledge in capacity-building, in improving the ability to consolidate knowledge. TOEIC TOEIC TOEIC (TOEIC all known Test of English forInternational Communication, Test of English for International Communication) is a non-native speakers of English for the English Proficiency Test is designed, the test scores reflect the candidate in the international work environment to communicate with others in English proficiency level. Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed the TOEIC exam in 1979, after many years, TOEIC test has been used more than 60 countries and assess business English proficiency quickly became the standard. TOEIC test is not required to participate with specialized knowledge or vocabulary, because the test used in everyday English. Recommended School: Fudan TOEIC Website: http://www.tyedu.net/ Starting time: February 1, 2011 Features: ① on the candidate's English language proficiency for effective, objective assessment. ② the candidate speaking and English environment provides the overall level of test scores of quantitative criteria. ③ high reliability, accuracy and consistency of test scores with the management and human resources manager can be based on examination results, to understand the work of staff engaged in certain to reach the required level of English, for the staff to provide a reliable basis for a reasonable settlement. TOEFL TOEFL TOEFL test (TOEFL all known Test of English as a ForeignLanguage referred to as TOEFL) by Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed for the application to the United States or Canada and other countries into the graduate school to school or non-English speaking countries in English for students proficiency test. Non-native speakers of English to test candidates in the campus environment, the ability to understand and use English. Currently approximately 5,000 worldwide system of more than 2 years and 4-year colleges, vocational schools and related agencies require students to provide TOEFL scores admission. TOEFL scores are in many institutions has become an important basis for granting scholarships to students, has been held since 1964 have been 17.5 million people participated in this examination. Recommended Schools: L. Website: http://www.onlytoya.com Starting time: January 31, 2011 Features: About 10 small boutique, the elite of teachers, to create the most amazing learning. Advanced Interpretation Advanced Interpretation is the English interpretation of post qualification examinations for high-level projects, with a CET and the same level of English language ability of candidates to apply. Through the project's training and examination for the state organs, enterprises, companies and foreign units capable of performing a large number of various types of foreign-related project negotiations, high-level meetings, press conferences, press conferences and international seminars translation, and for the same translations of the training in future. Test format, to test the level of the main goals of interpretation, from listening, speaking, reading, translation (translation, interpretation), and other four aspects of language ability of candidates to conduct a comprehensive test. Recommended schools: Hua Pu Education Website: http://www.huapu.org Starting time: February 1, 2011 Features: Closely linked to the Ministry of Personnel translation qualifications (level) exam syllabus interpretation and the latest three out of title basis, collate and analyze comprehensive test center, intensive training, selected political, economic, diplomatic, trade, technology, industry, agriculture, and education, interpretation material , high-strength English to Chinese, Chinese to English interpreters practical training to help students fully grasp the listening and speaking skills.

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