Staff tea party held in Zhuhai in the rich and English training graduation ce

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December 5, 2010, Zhuhai tea party in the rich people in the company held Support Center, 4th Floor. The tea party organized by the Zhuhai-rich centers and manufacturing operations to support colleagues in the Department of careful preparation, a combination of their feelings and energy. More importantly, promote understanding and interaction among employees. The difference is that the past activities of this event is also rich in Zhuhai in the graduation ceremony of English training staff. At the meeting, representatives of each class well-prepared program, to express his English teacher a deep gratitude. Invited to the party through the school's teachers also spoke to the students to give a deep hope, hope that we can continue to learn English. By 7 months of effort, many of them awarded the diplomas and other awards. Watching them holding full of prizes and certificates, as well as face, smile. Training of teachers expressed the belief that English language training through the activities of rich people in Zhuhai will be more united, motivated, and Zhuhai in the rich will be more brilliant tomorrow.

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