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Person of 46 class ox shares English 46 class word remembers skill

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Carry lexical method on the back, 10 thousand people may have 10 thousand kinds of methods. But I think, execute is to pass root, prepositive, suffixal, word-building to remember a word. This is best method. Because English word has the law of its oneself, root, prepositive, suffixal the character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries that is equivalent to a Chinese character, english word constructs namely by them.

I say so, it is to be afraid that classmates walk along heterodoxy, infatuated. Be just like the memorial method that says to give out to “charisma” in that famous red treasured book is "china rise mao" , it is “ China gave a Mao Zedong ” , it is the meaning of the transcendental glamour ” of “ leader figure. This kind recalls really special form, very vivid. But what I should tell fellow students is, one, this kind of method is written down forget; easily 2, below the case that there is root in the word, still had better be written down according to root!

So, when we are carrying a vocabulary on the back, still should search to had better have the book that decompose to root originally, this kind is helpful for our memory, be helpful for tamp our real English strength, be helpful for us establishing correct vocabulary to watch, be helpful for fostering ” of our correct “ word feeling!

3, a few little skill that carry a word on the back

Be just like say, I take an examination of 4 class word in the back when, like to use hard scrip (now, the bank that can discard with a piece gets stuck, this plays art it is again appropriate did not pass) will carry a word on the back. How Where is usage? Carry just a little on the back to all over first namely or a few words, next, began to recollect. When recollecting, disturb to prevent, get on Chinese meaning lid with the scrip, rely on oneself memory as far as possible. If him memory came out, so put away the scrip checks; if him memory does not come out, not anxious take out a scrip, try hard to want first, when wanting not to come out really, put away again the scrip is examined.

Here has a few problems. One, in recollect temporarily when rising, how long to think appropriate? My proposal is not to want too long. The thinking that should not borrow the machine of memory to let his more is immersed in the condition of “ backwater ” . Want active, acumen, fast, do not want cost time, because our youth can be used completely,do more significant thing; 2, when recalling a word, must not of pursuit and dictionary one by one complete correspondence, it is OK that the meaning was opposite roughly. If you are gone after this kind is perfect, so you are too pedantry, what you want to be you is pedantry pay heavy price! Be just like say “charisma” this word, you need to know you only the extraordinary glamour ” that the meaning of a word is “ leader content roughly or “ leader the glamour ” of content is OK, the “ of those a few Chinese characters that should speak a dictionary to go up without necessary have to is transcendental glamour, impel force, the direct force like pope ”; 3, if a word has the meaning of a lot of, do not need every meaning to be carried on the back, need to master its the basiccest meaning only. Meanings of other extend the meaning understand can, the logistic thinking ability that should believe us is OK it (people) speculation comes out!
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