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Person of 46 class ox shares English 46 class word remembers skill

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In those days, when I check 4 level, outline of vocabulary of that 46 class so be carried on the back below the help of small scrip, do not know why classmates also knew, secretary of the Party committee that join a department also knew, I still am held out feel honored, be pleased with oneself.

But, when I carry GRE word on the back, I discover this method is bad to made. When word quantity is less, be just like say, red treasured book, we has this time. But that grand grand that bears Mr Gong Dongfeng when me 2 big, when about every 30 thousand word, word has the lexical book of N much meaning, this kind of method is apparent invalidation! Because you do not have time at all so will carry a word on the back. Then, I am abrupt feel to feel honored before, the word memory method of be pleased with oneself is not all-purpose so!

So, when facing big vocabulary, how should be we remembered? This moment, can be to read a word only. Browse ceaselessly, browse over and over. When browse, make some of note ceaselessly. For example, I carry Suds(suds on the back) this word when, the Scud(that with respect to the likelihood couplet thought of to had been carried on the back before spanks) , then I write it by, this is; of be similar in shape again for example, I burst out laughing to Chortle(in the back) when, I may think of Chuckle, giggle, guffaw, smirk, snicker, snigger, titter, this is meaning is close. Again for example, my back arrived to cry, thought of naturally to laugh. Similar this kind is turned over justice, close meaning, synonymous, of category, appurtenant and so on associate, should be infinite! My feeling is, of the thrill through in the brain you these associating the record comes down, the memory that is you is formed repeatedly piece, become repeatedly piece the thing is written down easily not only, and forget not easily! 2 it is you when be being reviewed in the future, you can surprised to associate at your force, your associate, your imagination can touch him, him awe the heart, you can think Giggle this word I give it at the outset draw up came, how was I known now. And the efficiency that the awe of this kind of heart remembers to raising your word is having inestimable effect!

Of course, still having is image memory, for example Eye this word, those two E are not two eyes above nose Y;bed this word, grow so that how resemble a bed!

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