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3 paces capture elegant think of writing

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English exam is in hard elegant think of, elegant think of an exam to be in hard writing. So, elegant where to think of writing to be in hard again? Teacher of fine of horse of chief inspector of operation of research center of rich Pu Yasai thinks elegant the difficult point that considers writing is OK end is 3 following respects:

Above all, elegant think of writing to be in hard thinking and logic. Current, the China of 80% above is elegant the obstacle that considers examinee to ever had encountered train of thought to go up. In fact, obstructive of train of thought appears is not decide by English level, decide by Chinese level and thinking ability however. To solve this problem, elegant think of examinee people should as far as possible collect is elegant think of writing true subject, undertake an analysis to the title with Chinese. If everybody cannot be cut to problem purpose, development, summary forms clear logical sequence of ideas, that should active undertake discussion with other or have the aid of undertakes material collect at network method. After accumulating enough Chinese material, problem of train of thought is solved with respect to Ke Yingren.

Next, elegant think of writing to be in hard dispatch word. The vocabulary is the sentential life, life that the sentence is an article. Accordingly, the vocabulary that has done not have cannot make good text. But how we should define a vocabulary " good " ? Current, of China elegant thought of examinee to walk into an error it seems that. It is difficult that they think the word is jumped over better, longer it is better, better to jump over rarely to use. In fact, this is the train of thought of a serious mistake. Writing, a kind of method that as the language output and viewpoint elaborate should put starting point in " compendious " , " accurate " over, these two keywords also are the center that the vocabulary chooses. How does everybody want ability enough collect to arrive such good word? Reading is the one and only way. Read English news to will make your vocabulary compendious, read English classical will make your vocabulary deep, read English play to be able to make your language vivid. If everybody can undertake the synchronism of 3 kinds of afore-mentioned data is read, so you can win tremendous promotion on dispatch word certainly.

Again, elegant it is difficult to think of in sentence-making. Can understand sentence and can making a sentence is different, because former be passivity, latter is initiative. If everybody cannot nurturance undertakes be writinged daily with English (expression) habit, so very inaccessible hand arrives capture the level that come. So, I suggest everybody is in at ordinary times nurturance is done read abbreviate of note, article (adapt, add is written) habit. Adopt the practice that perserve, everybody can go up in writing certainly the promotion that wins materiality.

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