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Elegant think of detailed of exam whole journey to solve

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Written examination: Prepare a piece of photograph (the reverse side is written on Chinese name, phoneticize and check order) , standard textual criticism, certificate (wait like Id, passport) rubber (their rubber is very small, best oneself take)

In the morning 8: 00 bells arrive check a place, be in next the examination room that appoints a place to seek correspondence of the place that check order, go next the Waitting Room of this examination room, the teacher is heard to make can queue up later, everybody queues up, wait to enter.

After entering examination room, take an examination of an official (foreigner) can ask what you call the name, take a mobile phone? Look to me, closed (if you are leaving at that time) , take other things? Wait a few problems a moment. The bag that carries you next takes an examination of an official to another (Chinese) in putting designation large bag, you are taken to enter later. Enter hind, get on earphone belt, try the quality of earphone, there is paragraph of canned inside, everybody listens. Wait to be entered entirely, the exam began just about.

It is audition above all, at this moment the foreigner can use English to introduce exam fashion simply, earphone tries later, he can put a paragraph of recording, asking next is ring or light, whether does earphone have a problem? (if your some word puts forward,come) , everybody was no problem to be able to deliver answering question paper, he can teach you how to write a full name later, take an examination of date, date to wait a moment, everybody has been filled, came down examination paper hair, before this he can say: Do not open (must not open oh) . Next everybody takes earphone, etc hear after beginning, open examination paper to begin an exam.

After audition ends, read namely, after waiting for audition examination questions to close, read examination questions to be sent, cannot open examination paper likewise, answering question paper is the opposite of audition. After waiting for him to say to begin, everybody turns over examination paper to begin an exam, at the same time he can be written down on blackboard begin time and end time.

Reading end hind is writing, after reading examination questions and answering question paper to close, the answering question paper of writing and examination questions hair come down, of course examination questions also cannot open, he also can teach everybody how to keep a name, verify date and date, wait for him to said to take an exam, just open examination paper exam. Of course he also can be written down begin and end time to be on blackboard (if the article is written grew, paper is insufficient, can to what take an examination of an official to want paper)

After all end, after receiving examination paper, the time that below hair one piece of spoken language takes an exam and place inform, the thing that there can be oneself later leaves examination room. What you should do later is to gallop by computer, in recollecting the subject that you had studied to memory to stick. . .
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