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★ is when others on the side of your side long-winded not was over, you are irritated appeared, say " You Are So Boring " (you are really irritated! ) . "Shut Up! " (shut up! ) natural and right, can is the family canned bear? Be inferior to coming to " Oh, come On.give Me A Break! " (help, let me rest rest! ) this many tunnel, much humour.

★ wants to say a person " color is good " . "You Look Fine! " pretty good of course, but if you say " You ' Re In The Pink! " clever much, actually, in spoken English, the word that shows color uses special figure vivid.

★ " he is energetic " American says: "He Is Bouncy. " and do not say " He Is Energetic " , the work in remembering a few everyday dialogues well sentence type is your necessary key.

★ if: I have long been looking forward to meeting you, "I Get Mind Of You " . Than " I Heard A Lot About You. " get easily much.

★ generation asks other can be used of course very much " Please Remember Me To Your Sister. " or " Please Give My Best Wishes To Your Father " nevertheless, if very good friend, why to say, "Please Give My Love To Jim. "Please Give My Love To Jim..

★ is in China but cannot say casually " I think you " , however, become and say " I Will Miss You. " should compare say " Good-bye " or " See You Soon " interesting much, might as well try.

★ somebody attends a meeting was late, if you say to him " You Are Late. " , sound seem gibberish, if say " Did You Get Lost? " , can let his apology more like that, can never mention it " Get Lost! " but that lets the meaning of person scram.

★ others seeks your opinion, ask whether open a window to wait, you should say " You Can Do That. " have bit of land, with " Why Not? " may any better. Ask " now when? " use " Do You Have The Time? " actually, ask the full name of other, the address is OK so with: "May I Have You Name? "Should compare " What ' S Your Name? " courtesy is gotten much, the police is exceptional nevertheless.

★ people asks the question that you do not wish to make public, do not use " It ' S My Secret, don ' T Ask Such A Personal Question. " reply, will appear you did not individualize, 2 will also make the other side awkward. You can say " I Would Rather Not Say. " (still nevered mention it! ) .

★ occasionally, you want what to say, can saying is to be unable to call to mind, you can say " Well... " " Let Me See " " Just A Moment " or " It ' S On The Tip Of My Tongue. " wait, want to compare under, the last sentence pattern is the purest.

When ★ chats, you may change a topic, do not say only " By The Way " , actually, "To Change The Subject " " Before I Forget " " While I Remember " " Mind You " it is already the tunnel has welcome expression.

When ★ encounters the problem that you do not know, can not understand outfit understand, "I Know " the likelihood is the Chinese is used at most, and a word that American can accept least of all. When teacher of one United States explains a certain problem to you, if you say twice repeatedly " I Know " the likelihood is the Chinese is used at most, and a word that American can accept least of all.
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