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Tall examinee applies for to notice: Japan studies abroad piece new politics

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2008 Japan " 300 thousand student studying abroad receives a plan " in, unripe to the university entrance exam " qualitative " raised new requirement, day just asks the student wants generally to attend native the university entrance exam, 60% what best mark can reach total cent. This is meant abandon spending the university entrance exam in those days, perhaps spend mark of the university entrance exam in those days inferior person, in application Japan takes class hour, will be in extremely adverse position.

Attend exam of corresponding Japanese grade, have corresponding grade letter, can make oneself route that study abroad goes more smoothly. Especially to a few examinee in on the low side of the achievement in the university entrance exam, language of eve going abroad learns ability to appear more important. If brash application, when can applying for, because of the gift of tongues the problem such as inadequacy brings about refus autograph.

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