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Student of China of school of partial England illicit gathers together very seri

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A Hangzhou fellow-townsman tells me, his son is in British private school, his directive teacher altogether has 6 students, among them 5 are Chinese student. Visible, chinese student already had more and more state in British private school. Partial private school of England has begun limitation to recruit Chinese student, it is to assure their education quality so formerly among them, be afraid of many international student swarm into, traditional to England culture forms concussion.

Just think, be in England, we can hear Beijing word, Shanghai word, Sichuan word all the same, the sister that we tell mandarin is more in student dormitory, we are not willing to tell English for certain, and with Chinese. The daughter of my friend comes from Beijing, just went to England, her occupy the living quarter that the school plans, after 2 months, she has been mixed 4 China schoolgirl is outer close rented an apartment, operable kitchen, operable closet, can make Chinese food every day, say Chinese, of course much more comfortable than be together with foreigner student. Foreigner student may be fed up with you to burn the lampblack that Chinese dish produces, may feel disgusted you chirp together to say they are understood not the noise pollution that the language causes, but we are aeriform in also lost the real purpose that study abroad.

The British company that works in me in all many 80 employee, still send private school their child without one person, include the biggest boss of our high-tech company, he has 3 children, read in public school entirely. Because be in England, competing after all is not so intense, the student of public school also can attend a college, of course the scale of the university on the student of private school is quite tall. We also should think over: It is the illicit school with high England of have to impact, our child ability stand out?

The school of British unlike home serves as the exclusive level that measures discretion of level of a school with proportion of students entering a schools of a higher grade, some private school rise Cambridge with can having how many student or Oxford is flourish; Some private school may be artistically, there perhaps is distinguishing feature on sports. Learn to include in all England almost privately run and public have manual class, I once had visited a private middle school, saw him student design made sofa; If they have the class of mechanical respect, there can be a few machine tools, lathe to be over there in the school, let him student start work do. Sometimes, can pottery and porcelain makes the tax of the respect, let themselves do a product to come out to wait a moment. Hesperian emphasizes fostering a student to use hand capacity as a child, this shows one spot.

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