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Enclasp my hand

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Did not know when to fall in love with you, perhaps be in us first time photograph is embraced, perhaps be me when feeling you also love me...

I'm Not Sure When I First Fell In Love With You. . . I Guess It Could Have Been As Early As That First Time We Held Each Other, or The First Time I Realized That You Kind Of Liked Me, too. . .

I'm Not Sure; I Just Remember Thinking Of You More And More And Getting Less And Less Done In The Process!

I Remember Wanting You To Stay So Badly - And Being So Thrilled At The Thought.

I Remember Praying That It Was You Whenever The Phone Would Ring, but At The Same Time Hoping It Wasn't; Because I Didn't Know How In The World I Was Going To Sound Romantic And Impressive When What I Felt Was Anxious And Tongue-tied. . .

Sometimes It Still Amazes Me - How I Get So Anxious And Thrilled And Thoughtful About You; I Guess Maybe It's Because I Just Keep Falling Wonderfully In Love With You. . . Over And Over Again.

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