God 7 wait for fly first spacewalk will come true

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On September 23 morning, task of 7 manned space flight undertook divine boat launch a division ground of arrow of the last boat test of association, the mark is worn " god 7 " manned airship already was entered blast off to time. Divine boat 7 manned space flight will be carried out to machine of 30 days of choose on September 25, first selection on September 25 21 when 10 minutes. During 7 spacecraft mission carries out divine boat, the flight will give cabin to undertake aerospace walks by a spacefarer in the group, complete operation of test of concerned space science. This will be the Chinese strolls in aerospace first.

The First Chinese Astronaut Is Likely To Walk In Space Around 4:30 Pm On Friday, a Day After Spacecraft Shenzhou VII Lifts Off, the Commander-in-chief Of The Mission's Ground Operation Has Said.

The Historic Moment Will Be Broadcast Live Across The World, xinhua.net Quoted Cui Jijun As Having Said On Tuesday, and The Space Environment Is Expected To Be Fine For The Mission.

Shenzhou VII Is Scheduled To Blast Off From Jiuquan In Gansu Province Tomorrow Night. The Exact Time Will Be Announced On Wednesday.

The Shenzhou-VII Mission Entered The Countdown Stage After The Final Check On The Spacecraft, the Carrier Rocket And The Ground Operation System Was Completed Tuesday Morning.

Scientists Simulated The Ignition Of The Rocket And The In-flight Moves Of The Capsule To Test How The Observation, control And Communication Systems At The Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center Work.

The Rocket Will Be Loaded With Fuel After An Overall Quality Review And Approval Of The Mission Headquarters. And All The Settings Of The Spacecraft And The Observation, control And Communication Systems Will Be Frozen Till The Launch.

The Spacecraft, its Long-March II-F Carrier Rocket And The Escape Tower Were Fitted On The Launch Pad On Saturday.

Technicians Checked The Rocket And The Spacecraft On Monday To Test How It Functioned, cui Said. "All Work Well. "All Work Well..

The Space Environment Will Be Stable And Calm During The Mission, the Center For Space Environment Research And Forecast (CSERF) , affiliated To The Chinese Academy Of Sciences, said.

"After Analyzing All The Conditions, we Predict That The Space Environment Will Be Safe For The Launch And The Spacewalk, "Liu Siqing, CSERF Deputy Director, said.

Starting From Tuesday, the Center Will Submit A Report On Space Environment And All Operation Systems To The Headquarters Every Day Till The Completion Of Mission, liu Said.

The Report Will Cover High-energy Electrons, high-energy Protons, x-rays And Geomagnetic Fields, which Could Affect The Spaceship's Flight.

Huang Weifen, deputy Chief Designer Of The Mission's Flight System, said Six Astronauts - Three To Fly Out And Three To Be On Standby - Have Reached Jiuquan On Sunday. One Of The Three On The Spaceship Will Conduct The Spacewalk.
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