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Shanghai is intermediate exam of oral interpretation of oral interpretation exam

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Shanghai is intermediate exam of oral interpretation of oral interpretation exam is all previous examination questions is summed up [on]

For Shanghai intermediate oral interpretation takes an exam this oral interpretation is all previous the summary of before 12 examination paper of examination questions.

The following content includes 269 languages feature, include good sentence, need memorial phrase and familiar sentence pattern, pay close attention to the structural function that conveys at the language

I thank 1. very much. . . Reference:THank You Very Much For. . .
2. enthusiasm welcomes demit Reference:g friendlilyRacious Speech Of Welcome

Privileged To. . .
8. (everything what what after I reach expensive nation for me to you, do is arranged) close watch acknowledgment. Note: The verb that?ldquo; of Yu of ⒁ arm spread arrives at ” the change to substantival form. Reference:I'm

Deeply Grateful For Everything You've Done For Me Since My Arrival In China.
9. (I am very glad) have this opportunity (come you work) , with the prominent public figure of Chinese car line of business collaboration works together. Note: (1) the “ collaboration here works together ” need not interpret,

By the “ in front working ” all is gotten, it is OK to join with With. (2) the interpreter Reference:I of ” of “ prominent public figure'm Very Glad To Have The Opportunity

To Work In Your Company With A Group Of Brilliant People In China's Automobile Industries.
10.... looks forward to all the time for years. . . Note: Advocate if look forward to ” to “ the quick response of one word. Reference:hAve Been Looking Forward To. . .for Many

11. I very appreciate. . . Note: Occurrence “ appreciates ” , reacting above all is Appreciate reachs his agnate word. Reference:IAppreciate. . .
You are like 12. if paying no attention to, . . . Reference:IF You Don't Mind, . . .
13. goes. . . Walk along Reference:tOur Around. . .
Note of company of travel of business affairs of 14. riverside river: Notice the Reference:P choosing a word of among them travelU Jiang Business Travel Campany
Note of bureau of 15. country tourism: Bureau must not use Bureau Reference:tHe Chinese National Tourist Administration
16. classics. . . Of approval. . . Reference: . . .approved By. . .
17. is in China. . . Reference: . . .in China
18. with. . . To basically serve object Reference:pRovide Services Mainly To. . .
The tenet of 19. company is. . . Reference:WE Operate Under The Principal Of. . .
20. is promoted, improvement, develop Reference:pRomote, improve, promote
21... and Reference: of area of its week border district. . .and Its Surrounding Areas
22. offers all-around service Note: The “ here is all-around the interpreter Reference:o of ”Ffer An All-round Service To. . .
23. wholeheartedly Reference:dO One's Best

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