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English composition divides bit of attention high

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Freezing 3 feet, those who be not a day is cold; English study is a process that accumulates for a long time, yu She of short-term assault as good as pursues end, trying to put out a burning cartload of faggots with a cup of water-an utterly inadequate measure originally. However, the facing that this does not mean us to cannot adjust us quite through grasping exam pattern takes an examination of the capacity of condition, take an examination that increases us.

1 , psychology
The ancients cloud, not battle and Qu Renzhi arms, depend on greatly psychological element. What reform as the exam is thorough, can have more, newer, harder topic, include composition title to appear, ask we have the capacity with place changeless Jing so. Even if appear some kind of problem that arrives without anticipation, examinee also should adjust state of mind, unhurried ground in time respondent. In fact, historical experience proves: The title asks the more tall, difficulty the more big, the play room of examinee is bigger also. Challenge and opportunity pass into positive.

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