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Exam of Shanghai intermediate oral interpretation is all previous examination qu

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Exam of Shanghai intermediate oral interpretation is all previous examination questions is summed up (below)

163. product is having superior price performance to compare Note: Yu mace? " is having " Reference:eNjoy
164.I Shall Focus My Remarks Primary On. . . Reference: ? of mandarin orange of gate of formic leg an ancient nationality in China. .
165....differs Greatly From. . . Reference: ? . . It is disparate

204. this town is withholding a lot of building Note that have distinguishing feature of bright Qing Dynasty: "Withhold " , "Have. . . Characteristic " Reference:THe Town Maintains Many Buildings Featuring The Architecture Of The Ming And Qing Dynasties.
205. normally Reference:mOst Often
206. is here, tourist can admire the scenery of typical Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes---Little bridge, the harmony of running water and building is shirt-sleeve. Note: "" of Changjiang Delta a region of rivers and lakes and sentence last part Reference:HEre, tourists Can Enjoy The Typical Riverside Scenery Of South China, which Features A Harmonious Combination Of Small Bridges, murmuring Streams And Dwellings
On desk of 207. Chinese meal the most magical, most chopstick of nothing is more... than of tool of distinctive have dinner. Note:  presses Si Zhujiao?Reference:NO Eating Tools On The Chinese Dinner Table Are More Magical And Distinctive Than The Chopsticks.
208.... is inspected all the time. . . For. . . Reference: . . .have Always Regarded Sth.
Reference:t of tool of 209. have dinnerOol For Meals
210. to Hesperian, master the method that uses chopsticks and skill to be in difficulty is very great perhaps in the begining, but should have patience only, go drilling attentively, use a chopstick adroitly to enjoy Chinese meal before long. Note: "Difficulty is very great " , "Want " Reference:F onlyOr Westerners, the Mastery Of The Method And Skills For Using Chopsticks May Be Quite Challenging At The Begining.But As Long As You Have Patience And Concentrate On Practice, you Will Soon Be Able To Use Chopsticks Skillfully Enough To Enjoy A Chinese Meal.
211. Reference:a of Chinese meal of the ground on a real significanceChinese Meal In A Real Sense
212. is on this extensive land Reference:iN The Vast Territory
A variety of 213. Reference:dIfferent, various
214. appeal popularizes mandarin, regard standard Chinese as Reference:cAll For Popularization Of Mandarin As The Standard Chinese Language
The communication tool Reference:t that 215. uses dailyHe Daily-usecommunication Tool
216.... is decisive Reference:bE Vital To. . .
The pace Reference:C of 217. China reforming and openingHina's Reform And Opening-up Drive
218. is popularized and advocate mandarin Reference:pOplarization And Promotion Of Mandarin
219. is done so, will conduce to rise. . . , accordingly, accord with the prime increase of all Chinese people. Reference:hElp Improve. . . .Therefore, it Is In The Basic Interestes Of All Chinese.
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