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Chinese is similar, and the difference between different expression means often depends on mood and affection, mood and affective choice depend on again particular environment, so English interpreter must consider particular situation and target, the consideration is hinted of the object read psychology and affection, the first pace that the meaning just translates correctly. We are with clew language below exemple undertake demonstrative.

Those who be in China is public, our everywhere can see " no admittance " , " prohibit stepping lawn " and " the person that violate fines " wait for a word. To most compatriots character, these common words appear and do not have misgivings. But as the country of the door open, external the whole of the communication of economy, culture and development and population quality rises, let foreign friend see these caution shop signs, may produce demur. Show Chinese countryman quality it seems that on one hand not tall, need even these things to give orders to prohibit, also can destroy on the other hand public due comfortable and optional humanitarian atmosphere.

"Prohibit " the interpreter becomes English is " Don't " , in English, "Don't " the tone is harsher, lack euphemistic meaning. Be like " Don't Pick The Flowers " (prohibit defloration) , "Don't Throw Something Out Of The Train " (prohibit throwing a thing toward car window) , "Don't Tread On The Lawn " (prohibit trampling lawn) , "Don't Make Noise " (prohibit roaring) etc, no matter these sentences are go up in grammar or on the meaning very correct, but do not suggest everybody so interpreter. Because " Don't " make these sentential mood appear too heavy, make the person produces distance move easily.

What communal circumstance should build is a kind of happy and optional atmosphere, allow authority invigoration. It is necessary that the kindness of certain level reminds, but should endeavor to avoid curt. And English is one kind stresses euphemistic language quite, won't be in a park commonly such place uses the word with so curt Don't. Be like " prohibit defloration " but interpret is done " Keep Away From The Flowers, please. " or " Take Care Of The Flowers, please. " convey a meaning likewise, but these two let a person look very comfortable, the mood spontaneously of a kind of love flower " card " go up, agree with the original intention of perpendicular card person. Especially " Take Care Of " phrase itself contains personification colour, regard the flower as) of child of a Baby(, remind people resembling to flowers and trees is cherished like care and care Baby. Such, the goal that establishs this brand was achieved. Again for instance, "Don't Make Noise " (prohibit roaring) this kind of brand often also sees, we can be its interpret completely " Quiet, please. " already succinct, standard. Because this is communal circumstance need not " Don't " can achieve all the same as scheduled the effect.

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