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Learn English how " get twice the result with half the effort "

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In eye of foreign nationality teacher, does the question with Chinese study the biggest English go where?

The sentence is more important than the word

The Chinese learns English, the most commonly used method is back word, even somebody is flourish with can carrying a dictionary on the back, but the explanation on the dictionary is dead, of the language applying is work however, mechanical understanding can cause very big misunderstanding. The dictionary is not the most important, the key depends on words condition. Can say, the word does not have the value that more or less uses actually, the word amount of mechanical memory is again large, also won't raise your foreign language level truly. Want nurturance to recite good convention of the sentence, because pronunciation regulation was contained already in the sentence, have syntactic content again, still can enunciate a certain word the specific meaning in specific language environment.

Do not learn " antique English " . Any languages are vivid, can develop everyday, the language that learns stale is without new move, and basic nowhere is usable. The language of not not not fresh, fashionable, humor humour is not the language that we should learn, read foreign language more newspaper, much see work of original movie and TV just can conduce to compensatory new vocabulary.

A lot of people think, tear open the word into each letter to carry familiar OK and correct ground on the back to spell, actually, scientific method is a pronunciation, spelling and usage be in harmony for an organic whole, synchronism undertakes, head of eye mouth hand is used, apply it go understanding inside the sentence.

Understand also should not listen

When practicing audition, a lot of people complain understand not, lost audition fun consequently, often quit. Actually, although understand,also not be a kind of study, just yourself does not become aware just. Although be understood temporarily not, but your ear film has begun to trying to get used to a kind of new language to articulate, your cerebra is adjusting frequency, preparation accepts a kind of new information code, this itself leaps namely.
Be sure to keep in mind so: Understand not when, you also are in progress.

Exercise audition, should make full use of on psychology notice innocently, want to have time only, be about to open a recorder to broadcast foreign language tape, in making oneself are in the language environment of the foreign language, it is clear that perhaps you did not listen what to say, this nevers mind, you can do other business casually, need not go listening of purpose, want you only all round the pronunciation that has foreign language environment, your audition can rise.

Dare to start to talk

It is very important to learn English is to be used with other communication, but the mouth is difficult also be the one big characteristic that the Chinese learns English. The problem goes in the following:

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