English studies 10 essential factor

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English studies 10 essential factor

1. Learn bos to break, it is OK also to even if be squeezed everyday,go out 10 minutes, it is auspicious opportunity in the morning.

2. Learn be disgusted with convertibility study means or form.

3. Do not break away from context isolated mechanical memorizing.

4. Be written down at any time and the back is ripe those commonly used sentence pattern.

5. As far as possible the thing that " of " heart interpret contacts, be like the advertisement that shine and passes, now and then heard speech.

6. Should remembering those are affirmative is correct without by accident thing.

7. When excerption and remembering sentence pattern and phrase, should use singular number the first person.

8. The foreign language is just like blockhouse, must besiege from far and near at the same time, if read a newspaper, hear broadcast, see foreign language movie, listen to foreign language lecture, assiduously study textbook to wait.

9. Want to dare to say a foreign language, do not be afraid of a mistake, want to ask others to correct, not shy, more not disappointing.

10. Want to be certain oneself can achieve a goal certainly, be certain oneself have firm perseverance and the ability that learn a foreign language.

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