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Choose a good foreign school to accept education to be able to let a student be benefited all one's life, but, a school that ought not to choose chose below decision-making mistake when the student, will afterthought not is reached. Go abroad in the choice in the course that remains academic officer, "What school is not recommended " this problem may be compared " what school is worth to go " more important.

To this, the reporter was interviewed about study abroad expert, arrange by district of all kinds the school that is not recommended, draw lessons from in order to offer reader reference.

The United States piece

Feature: Pure language school.

Hidden trouble: The expert expresses, of this kind of school because be obtained extremely easily,admit, so its property is regarded as to have very tall emigrant tendency by visa official and obtain visa not easily.

Danger sex: Expert clew, it is easy that this category eye takes advice note, but conduction visa difficulty is very great, waste the student's valuable study time easily.

Be not recommended reason: Visa difficulty is great.

Do not recommend a type: "Advice note factory (OfferFactory) "

Feature: The expert expresses, above all, this kind of school not only did not get attestation of Chinese Ministry of Education, do not suffer the official attestation of American native land Ministry of Education even. The 2nd, doorsill of enter a school is extremely low, both neither needs language success, also do not need to provide the report of domestic study, but economy assures be equal at tall even at general and regular school.

Hidden trouble: The expert expresses, these schools issue certificate of diploma of record of formal schooling and diploma, all be not approbated by local regular school. To the student, cannot realize the join smoothly or is the same as credit of special training course derate of special training course.

The reason that is not recommended: The expert thinks, these abroad schools give study abroad the huge loss that consumer brings money, time to go up, can let a lot of hopes study abroad even generation of numerous to the United States normal and private school misunderstands American student.

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