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One, 4 class are read should follow the what kind of order that become a problem

About reading, when I want to take an examination paper when us above all, the dot that everybody pays close attention to above all is the subject that how should we become us, what is the program that we become a problem respectively, I think one reads the word that should have become, should understand above all a bit, we in 4 class, 35 minutes of time that make 4 texts compare insecurity relatively, general some classmate is before us, 4 add 5 or slender acanthopanax the mode of 4, time of 4 minutes reads an article, 5 minutes become a subject. Or 5 minutes read an article, 4 minutes become a subject, this is not particularly reasonable relatively. The reason is it is insufficient that we discover time in 4 class. Reading an article is very effective, purposeful quality.

Suggest everybody views a subject first, see a problem again. Implication, we suggest everybody scale of a time, add 4 impose the pattern of 4, a minute of time views the subject from the back, it is to study what way respectively, take an examination of a vocabulary, still study deduction, still check detail. After doing an analysis, when reading an article, you discover, I is this title basically what to thing pay close attention to? For example from the back some subjects view a subject. When you should read an article, be about to pay close attention to this article topic. If you discover the title from the back,be to pay close attention to a detail. When you read an article, want to notice a few detail of the article. If the title from the back looks effectively, read an article, reading task also is met very clear. Suggest so everybody, the first, see the problem at the back of us work first. See a problem work, from the back these 4 option need not look, because 4 option have correct option, you look much, can affect your thinking instead. After everybody sees problem doing look, can read an article. Read the article with 4 minutes of or so time next. The classmate may feel see article rate slower. This is me slow-witted meeting can see thing of a few what may notice in reading a process, perhaps present what characteristic.

I suggest everybody reads an article 4 minutes, next reoccupy 4 finish the title from the back to 5 minutes of time. Wanting you the first minute only is effective, after reading an article, can have direction-sense very much. If read an article,have direction-sense, the subject is become from the back, very effective also of course. We are clear, it is actually in 4 class, want time to be compared relatively only reasonable, do problem program rationalize, we discover, this still can have been done.

This is the first me should tell read about 4 class, we probably the program that become a problem. See a problem work first, analyse again textual, become a subject finally.

In the process that become a problem, I emphasize at 2 o'clock, in 4 minutes, must review, a moment ago the article said what thing. General we are to read an article, basically become a problem with subjective impression, bring about have a kind of feeling, the feeling that become a problem reads an article very simple, becoming a problem also is very simple. But discover a lot of problems are a mistake. Proposal everybody, we are in the process that become a problem, you should notice a bit, want to return an article, analyse relevant content, prevent to become a problem with subjective impression.
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