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Person of 46 class ox shares English 46 class word remembers skill

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One, the method with memorial best word is many read and look listen

Should pass read in great quantities, look listen enlarge a vocabulary, this is the the most correct, most effective method that enlarges a vocabulary.

Because of the word that encounters in read, it appears in a circumstances, this is helpful for the deep understanding of pair of word meanings not only, and of memory very firm. This kind of method follows back dictionary or lexical book is compared rise, should get effectively much!

Real ground carries a vocabulary on the back, forget easily not only, and because do not have the clew of context commonly, to the understanding of word meaning classics regular meeting is less than!

Think back to we are right the understanding of Chinese vocabulary! When are we taking a dictionary to know a Chinese character? The means of word word is in daily use, master in reading medium, life. And most circumstance is, this word, word is not known before me, but the words condition that the meaning that when seeing for the first time, does not need to take a dictionary to search it can appear through it knows. For example, northeast person's commonly used “ makes ” word, what meaning? Do not know! But listen to Zhao Benshan to say sentence: You use up “ to rectify these to me trashy! Did ” believe to understand? ! Hear ” of “ never go to the temple for nothing for the first time do you use ” of ” of phrase of this “ Chinese or “ convention use what meaning is checking dictionary ability to understand? After you had listened, write down had been remembered well in the heart? Can you also apply next time?

Anyhow, a large number of reading, read a large number of articles that listen to different domain, this is raise a vocabulary not 2 execute. Also be efficiency is highest, the method that is worth to recommend most.

Listen to remembering a word that is more important, listen to have all functions that read a place to bring not only, more important is the pronunciation that lets you master a word. If you do not know a word how to be read, you are written down 10 thousand times, how does this word spell, you can not master certainly! What to listen to?

2, remember a word through root, prepositive, suffixal, word-building

Although enlarge a vocabulary through reading,be it is the method with memorial the the best, most effective, basiccest word, but to us, should carry some of vocabulary book or dictionary on the back inevitably sometimes, for example we are taken an examination of 4, 6 class, one's deceased father elegant think of, take an examination of TOEFL, GRE, GMAT to wait. Or, when we are learning university English at ordinary times, there is glossary at the back of every text, I at the outset the habit expresses the word to the back to meet first, read a text again, such advantage is to need not consult a dictionary, economic time; and, the word that just remembers appears in words condition immediately, this is remembered to deepening and understanding has profit very much! So, in this moment, what good method do we have to remember this vocabulary?
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