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Hold high establish 46 class authority to forecast

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Predict 46 class exam that took an examination of on June 21 is medium:

4 class-----Integrated part makes an on-the-spot investigation very likely model fill a vacancy

6 class------Integrated part concludes basically make an on-the-spot investigation model fill a vacancy

Read quickly part and same 7 years in December, 7 4 choices increase 3 fill a vacant position

Hope examinee revises a plan according to readjust of precious up to date information, the thematic type to be being taken an examination of likely does key training.

Hold high establish 46 level, for you exam whole journey helps strength!

Ø46 class take an exam formally that day, hold high establish ministry of 46 class project to stand Yu Ang the website publish exam up to date information for a short while.

Hold high establish 46 level, wish you the exam is successful!


Be over model solution of fill a vacancy inscribes skill

1.Use paragraph first or ground of first paragraphs of utmost gets information

When the person that give a title is designing examination questions of form fill a vacancy, always withhold complete, or it is most the complete sentence that conveys major idea. The start of the article is very vital, often make clear the purpose from the very beginning points out article topic. Accordingly, the clew of whole article sentence often be in begin. Examinee should make full use of paragraph first offerred information, go digging the train of thought of the article, seek the sequence of thought of the article and clue, more understand article content easily thereby.

2. Understanding understands an implied meaning the logistic relation between departmental cent, each administrative levels

Understand text structure only, understand the concern between each paragraph, ability deepens the understanding to the article. How do understanding departmental cent serve to behave thematic thought, what grasp the sentential place need with empty belt more easily also is what content, because this is chosen more easily,follow the result. The logistic relation of the article nothing more than list, reason, result, concessional, contrast, the relation such as compensatory, purpose, condition.

Express enumerated conjunction: First, second, third…; Firstly, secondly, thirdly…; First, next, then…; In The First Place, in The Second Place…; For One Thing, for Another Thing…;to Begin With, to Conclude…
Express the conjunction of the reason: Because, since, as, now That… ,

Express the conjunction of the result: So, therefore, thus, hence, accordingly, consequently, as A Result
Express the conjunction of concession and turn: However, nevertheless, nonetheless, still, though, yet, in Spite Of, at Any Rate, in Any Case, whoever, whatever
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