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Each each colleague, friend,

Current, international situation is occurrent deep and complex variation. Peace, development, collaboration is current period is thematic. The trend development of world much polarization and economic globalization develops, change quickly of progress of science and technology, area cooperates in the ascendant, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence deepens each country ceaselessly, these brought rare development opportunity for world each country. In the meantime, the whole world develops disequilibrium, difference of north and south is pulled big, traditional security browbeats and be not traditional and safe menace to interweave each other, the not stable inaccuracy that affects world peace and development decides factor increase, implementation of broad developing country can develop continuously facing grim challenge.

China is the biggest developing country, africa is a developing country most centralized mainland, the population of China and Africa occupies world population 1/3 above. Without the peace of China and Africa and development, do not have the peace of the world and development.

Dear Colleagues And Friends,

The World Today Is Undergoing Profound And Complex Changes. But Peace, development And Cooperation Remain The Calling Of The Times. There Is A Growing Trend Towards Multipolarity And Economic Globalization. Science And Technology Are Making Daily Advance, regional Cooperation Is Deepening And There Is Increasing Interdependence Among Nations. All This Has Created Rare Development Opportunities For The International Community. On The Other Hand, imbalance In Global Development, widening Gap Between North And South, the Combination Of Traditional And Non-traditional Security Threats As Well As Increasing Factors Of Instability And Uncertainty Standing In The Way Of Peace And Development All Pose A Daunting Challenge To Developing Countries In Their Pursuit Of Sustain.

China Is The Largest Developing Country, and Africa Is Home To The Largest Number Of Developing Countries. Our Combined Population Accounts For Over A Third Of The World Total. Without Peace And Development In China And Africa, there Will Be No Global Peace And Development.

Below new condition, common interest is enlarging Central Africa, mutual demand is increasing. Build Central Africa the immanent need that new-style strategy associate concerns is Central Africa collaboration, also be the inevitable requirement of stimulative world peace and development. Central Africa concern grows ceaselessly, the development that is helpful for China and Africa not only progresses, and the solidarity that is helpful for stimulative developing country cooperates, be helpful for driving build new order of just and reasonable international politics economy. To develop Central Africa further new-style strategy associate concerns, china wishs to be the same as African country to strengthen cooperation in the following domain.

The first, the politics that deepens letter of equal each other concerns. Maintain high-level exchange visits and association momentum, establish mechanism of dialog of politics of fixed high level, begin strategic dialogue, enhance letter of political each other, deepen traditional friendship, implementation solidarity is entered in all.
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